EU Budget Chaos


Cameron has to decide whether to join the Eurocrats in increasing EU spending or join the British Parliament and a growing number of Member States in demanding a real cut in the spending

The EU budget meeting broke up in chaos as Eurocrats tried to cling to your demands for massive budget increases in the face of growing opposition from Member States.


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British PM Cameron found himself once more on his own but this time in the middle of opinion.

On the one side were the Eurocrats demanding yet more money to waste on pet projects. Although they have been demanding that Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Eire should all implement savage cuts, they believe that they alone can spend lavishly, drawing money even from those States betrayed by the Euro and Eurocrat incompetence and fraud. What neither the politicians not the Eurocrats can grasp is that every Member State should be refusing to hand over any funds until the Eurocrats can produce a set of accounts that will pass the auditors’ scrutiny. Each consecutive year sees the auditors refuse to sign off the accounts because of the level of incompetence and criminality they disclose.

On the other side a growing number of Member States are demanding budget cuts, as is the British Parliament. They recognize the growing anger amongst tax payers who see lavish spending and fraud in Brussels and a reduction of their own standard of living as their national governments attempt to ride out the economic storms.

Then in the middle sits Cameron who has seen the British Parliament rightly demand real cuts in the Eurocrats budget to at least match the cuts that have to be made at home. Cameron is happy with a neutral budget and may see even Merkel move to the side that demands real budget cuts.

Sitting somewhere between Cameron and the Eurocrats are the dependent Member States who want to see Eurocrat budget cuts only so long as it does not mean any reduction in their draw on the EU budget.

It is incredible that the Clown of Brussels, the pompous Barroso, and the rest of the Eurocrats still think their privileged live style can continue while the people who pay their wages through taxes have to suffer the full effects of global economic adjustment and the consequences of the EuroZone disaster.

It is also incredible that the European ruling elite can waste time negotiating with unelected Eurocrats over a grossly inflated and very badly managed budget at a time when the Euro is about to implode.

Given the other more important issues, the politicians should have told the Eurocrats that they will have only one year of budget at the same value as the previous year, while they produce a list of cuts that can be made to their bloated organization.

That should include the raising to the retirement age for Eurocrats to 67 from 2014, and to 69 from 2017. When they reach their retirement age, they will have a reduced pension that does not exceed the average pension for Europeans employed in the private sector.

The Eurocrats should also reform their corrupt structure so that fraud is eliminated and annual accounts can be authorized by independent accountants.

Those reforms alone should allow the Eurocrats budget to be halved.


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