EU Clamps Down on Small Businesses!

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We are sending you this very special campaign e-bulletin to inform you about the latest outrageous EU demand set to devastate British small cider producers and in turn, our way of life, and also what YOU can do to help Get Britain Out stop it.

Since learning of the European Commission’s plans, Get Britain Out has been working apace to mount an effective opposition to this EU diktat. We are calling on the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne to rule out implementing this new cider duty. We intend to confront him with this petition shortly before the deadline to oppose the new duty expires in April. It is vital this petition garners as many signatures as possible, in order to force the British Government to stand up to Brussels in defence of small businesses.

Now is YOUR chance. If you are sick of the European Union intruding into the everyday lives of Britons, if you agree small British businesses need protecting from the EU and if you think Britain can do better than being a star on somebody else’s flag then please sign Get Britain Out’s petition here: Petition (

We need as many of your signatures – and those of all your friends – as possible, so please forward to your friends and ‘Share’ widely. Ever since ‘Cast-Iron Dave’ announced the possibility of an In/Out referendum in January 2013 – ‘if’ he is returned as Prime Minister in May, the Great British Public have been crying out for a chance to stick it to the EU and our own Europhile political class.

The Daily Express launched our petition ‘Cider Drinkers Fight Back Against EU Plans to Hike Up Prices’, and The Commentator published our blog ‘EU Presses Our Cider Producers’ to coincide with this launch. We also promoted our petition with a blog ‘EU Threatens Britain’s Cider Industry’ in UKIP Daily. We are now promoting it everywhere in the country via the regional press, and we will be contacting all the small cider companies, both to demonstrate our solidarity on this important issue, as well as helping to spread the word and gain more support for our Petition.

As you may have seen in our piece ‘EU Holds Cider Drinkers Over a Barrel’ in Breitbart London, the EU is demanding the British Government ban the tax duty exemption enjoyed by small cider producers who brew less than 12,000 pints a year. This means many ciders would become more expensive and in many cases driving many of the 380 small cider producers – who at present benefit from this ‘Duty-Free’ status – out of business. This would in turn also drive many apple producing farmers out of business, not to mention the effect on the variety and quality of ciders available to the 60% of British adults who regularly love drinking a variety of ciders.

We have also created a petition leaflet / small poster for you to print out and pass on to your friends and neighbours – download here: Leaflet. Please hand them around at your local pub, display it on lampposts, trees, and windows, to spread the word and save our British cider industry.

Lastly, please think about donating to our vital campaign. It depends upon your help, both financially and otherwise. Everything you contribute goes directly towards our work to Get Britain Out of the EU. If your friends and colleagues are sympathetic to the cause or need enlightening about the need to Get Britain Out, please forward this email and encourage them to sign up to our campaign. As well as showing support, they will be kept in touch with the latest, in-depth campaign news.

Huge thanks for all your help.

With all our best wishes,

Luke Stanley
Get Britain Out

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