EU Implosion?

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A torrid few weeks for the Eurocrats. With the PIGS sliding into crisis, the EU Budget rejected, and the Clown of Brussels demanding more powers….

The EUSSR Projekt is poised on the point of implosion. The currency crisis is rumbling on. Greece is unhappy with the constraints being imposed in return for a massive bailout. Ireland is desperately trying to avoid being forced to accept a similar massive injection of money with rule from Brussels, but if Ireland does not address its banking crisis and deal with its economy, Spain and Portugal will suffer melt down, Italy will destabilize economically and Germany will face immense internal pressure to leave the Euro zone and reintroduce the DMark. It is now looking likely that the Euro currency will cease to exist, the question being when rather than if. Without a common European currency the plans for an EUSSR will fall apart

Eurocrats were already becoming very worried that the Euro currency crisis would derail their gravy train and were desperately trying to find yet another EuroFudge to paper over the economic cracks. It came as an unpleasant surprise to find that an even greater treat to their pampered lifestyle was about to bite them hard in the arse.

Britain was expected to object to both the planned 6% increase in budget for the Eurocrats and to Britain becoming the unwilling paymaster for the EUSSR Projekt next year. That did not worry the Eurocraqts who confidently expected a Franco German stitch up, leaving Britain with the bill. What clearly had not been realized was that Britain was no longer alone in opposition to the Eurocrats insatiable desire for more power and more funds. When Germany and France supported Britain, to the extent that any budget increase would be limited to 2.9%, the Eurocrats saw this as a temporary setback and a new opportunity. In this belief they demanded that they be given the right to levy taxes direct in return for accepting the 2.9% increase. A cynic may think that this demand was to enable the Eurocrats to increase the budget by at least 6%, making up the difference by introducing their own taxation.

The stalemate that has been created means that there is currently no agreed increase in Eurocrats funding and, until a new agreement is reached, Brussels will be paid each month on the old funding level. The real danger facing Brussels is that Member States may now dig their heels in and demand a reduction in funding for the new Fiscal Year, leaving the prospect that there will be a claw back on funds already paid each month during the stalemate.

The Clown of Brussels is said to be incensed and is claiming that a failure to agree a 6% increase will cause huge problems for Member States. His crony, the Lord High Representative for the Direct Action Service is likely to suffer first because she has an ambitious programme planned for wasting billions on EUSSR Embassies around the world and an impressive junketing programme for her minions.

It all demonstrates how far out of touch the Eurocrats are and increases the prospect that European taxpayers will reject taxation without representation.

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