EU tonnage tax rules warning


INTERNATIONAL shipping accountant Moore Stephens has warned UK-based shipowners that, despite the recent “welcome” withdrawal of some proposed changes to the UK tonnage tax regime, the EU flagging rules which will be implemented after 1 April this year will still apply. And it has urged those owners and operators adversely affected by the implementation of the rules not to over-react, but to examine carefully the options open to them.

It is expected that the new EUSSR will now increase the number of regulations enacted as a single super state. Since Scottish Prime Minister “Bottler” Brown covertly signed the new European Constitution many grossly unpopular changes to the regulations of former sovereign states can no be forced through however much citizens may object.

Seizing control of merchant shipping is as important as seizing naval assets in enabling the new EUSSR to wield power as the most powerful super state. Growing confrontation with the United States and China can be expected as the EUSSR tests its power.

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