Eurocrats demand further concessions after Chequers surrender

When Theresa May unveiled her traitorous Chequers plan a fortnight ago, one of her justifications for betraying Brexit was that it was the only deal the European Union would accept. But now, after yet another sign of weakness from the British prime minister, it appears that Brussels wants yet more concessions.

Responding to the Chequers plan, sources have claimed that “what the UK proposed is unacceptable” and that the follow-up “white paper is not going to form the basis of the negotiations”. With all the surrenders that May has committed thus far, why wouldn’t Brussels keep pushing things further and further? She’ll continue to roll over, even though the announcement of a new EU-Japan trade deal reveals that Eurocrats are, in fact, capable of striking trade deals that don’t require open borders, massive cash payouts, or the surrender of an independent trade policy.

Not only are they continuing to make stubborn demands in the face of a proposal for a pro-EU Brexit-in-name-only, but they’re even talking about offering May the opportunity to keep Britain trapped in the EU for longer still with an Article 50 extension – a possibility that horrifies Brexiteers, but which May would no doubt jump at. Maybe she’s convinced by the ridiculous threats of Leo Varadkar, who has threatened to exclude British planes from Irish airspace (presumably unaware that his own airspace is completely surrounded by regions under the control of UK air traffic control).

The move could see our exit date pushed back by weeks or even years, and leave us open to another round of elections for the impotent European Parliament. With all the foot-dragging and delays from May, it would just be more of the same…

With May’s pathetic negotiating position in tatters and the Tory party in open revolt (with Remainer rebels nearly defeating the government this week on a full blown customs union, proving just how insatiable they are), the government tried to truncate the nightmare by proposing an early holiday for MPs. How venal can they get?

The proposal was rejected, a vote didn’t even take place, and May continued to suffer barbs thrown from her own backbenches. Andrea Jenkyn’s arose during Prime Minister’s Questions to ask the prime minister when exactly she decided that “Brexit means Remain”, prompting a sexist slur from chancellor Philip Hammond.

Boris too doubled down on his stinging criticism of the Chequers plan in his explosive Commons intervention on Wednesday, condemning the “fog of self-doubt” created by Theresa May, attacking the “18 months of stealthy retreat” from Lancaster House led by Olly Robbins (who this week was found to have pocketed a £20,000 taxpayer-funded bonus), and bemoaning the fact that “we burned through our negotiating capital, we agreed to hand over a £40bn exit fee, and we accepted the jurisdiction of the ECJ”.

But Boris is a rare light among senior Tories, who have allowed May to cling to power, and the intervention only goes to highlight the craven complicity of the so-called “Eurosceptics” who remain in Cabinet – most obviously Liam Fox, Michael Gove, and Dominic Raab. While Boris stayed true to his principles, they allowed themselves to be bought off with ministerial office while the prime minister sells our country down the river.

No wonder polling has showed that even Tory voters favour UKIP legend Nigel Farage as the nation’s true ‘Brexit leader’ over and above their own party leader – who is nominally heading up the process of our departure. No wonder either that the Tories are visibly bleeding support to UKIP, with the Eurosceptic party rising to 8% national support this week.

The Electoral Commission’s biased war on Brexit continued this week with huge fines being handed down to Vote Leave, despite claims from the group that the regulator refused to interview them – backed up by email correspondence with Electoral Commission boss Louise Edwards, who is known for her political Facebook rants.

The Commission’s report was so petty as to attack young Brexit campaigner Darren Grimes for spending £21.51 “under the significant influence of Vote Leave” (paragraph 4.3). They went on to fine him £20,000.

Brexiteers are being attacked by the establishment for beating overwhelming odds (we were massively outspent by Remain during the vote). They still cannot get over the fact that they lost. Interestingly they have yet to conduct serious investigations into the Remain campaign, despite a dossier being passed on by former minister Priti Patel.

We are fighting the Electoral Commission in court over their ridiculous assault on our campaign. You can support us by making a donation by clicking the link below.


Economy update: The good weather during the second quarter has ushered in widespread optimism touching all corners of the economy. Unemployment is down and wages are up, as is growth. Confidence is beaming from both business and consumers.

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