EUSSR Takes Steps to Suspend Democracy



Godfrey Bloom MEP follows the traditions of his Spitfire pilot father in fighting Fascism

The EUSSR has taken the first steps to suspend democracy in the European Parliament. The illegal expulsion of a British MEP and the silencing of a Dutch MEP moved the EUSSR into totalitarian rule.


circus 08

The Clown of Brussels, Herman van RumpyPumpy, may be the pinup boy of the anti-EU movement, for demonstrating just how much the EUSSR conflicts with the desires of Europeans, but he and his cronies are certainly not funny.


What next? book burning? crystal night? concentration camps?

The rapid expansion of Eurocrats and the demands for significant funding increases, at a time of economic restraint through Europe, demonstrated just how far the EUSSR was from the wishes of the European people.


Britons Express their opinion clearly

In Britain, an opinion poll shows 99% of the British people in favour of withdrawal from the EUSSR. That surprised even the Daily Express, which is a British national newspaper with both an honourable reputation and an impressive track record in seeing reality, having supported Churchill in identifying Hitler as a threat to Europe and consistently called it right on the progress of the European Community into the EUSSR.

The more surprising factor has been the rise of Euro-sceptic groups across Europe, even in those countries where the political classes are completely committed to the expansion of the EUSSR and the destruction of nation states within Europe.

Boston tea party

Anyone for a European Tea Party?

The EUSSR Eurocrats demand the right to raise taxes directly – taxation without representation. A similar situation created the United States of America. Now the EUSSR silences or expels MEPs who were elected to represent those who elected them. The recent poll in Britain shows that Godfrey Bloom is not just representing those who directly elected him to the European Parliament but 99% of the British people.


Time to cook the Eurocrat’s Goose

The EUSSR Eurocrats are suggesting that those Member States who do not support a 6% increase in funding will be excluded from receiving any funding from Brussels. This illegal position justifies an immediate response from Member States that no funding will pass to Brussels Eurocrats until all sixteen previous budgets have been signed off by the auditors – Christmas is coming and what’s source for the goose is source for the gander.


Time to deal with today’s Quislings

As Nigel Farage, Leader, UK Independence Party, sagely pointed out recently, don’t blame the fascists, blame the career politicians in Member States who surrendered to the Fascists. In Britain the Whig Tory Brokeback Coalition is failing to reflect the British people’s wishes and collaborating with the Eurocrats. Time to eject the three old, failed British Parties.


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