Fantastic vote result for UKIP that places it for the next General Election



Against the Brussels-funded attacks by the BBC and the last minute intervention by the Daily Mail and the Sun, Farage has steered UKIP to explosive growth that is a solid foundation for future elections. However, the FPTP electoral system is now seen to be heavily flawed.


Scottish Nazi Party campaign inspired by German Nazi Goebbels

The Scottish Nazi Party followed the advice of Joseph Goebbels and told the big lie which is exposed today by the results. Far from Scotland being under-represented, as Sturgeon claimed, Scotland is now seen to be grossly over-represented, even if its own Parliament was to be closed down. The electoral reform sabotaged by the LibDems in Coalition will need to be urgently revisited and if Scotland is to remain a part of the UK, Westminster seats will have to be severely reduced to provide equal representation with the other parts of the UK. That could see the current 59 seats reduced to four and the elected MPs being barred from voting on English, Welsh, and Irish matters

In the shock and euphoria of the SNP gains, what is being overlooked is that the SMP elections next year will be under proportional representation and the SNP Scottish Government will have to answer for what has been a very poor performance in power for almost a full term. The Tory, LibDem and Labour representation in the current Scottish Parliament has not been removed and, together with Ukip, will have a year to prepare for a major fight back. The irony is that the SNP are demanding more powers when the powers they already hold have been very poorly and little used.

The role played by the BBC and the Daily Mail and Sun newspapers suggests urgent consideration must be given to how the media is allowed to participate. It is a scandal far greater than the phone hacking scandal.

During the next few days the Internet and airways will be filled by commentators all trying to out-do each other, talking a storm and withut much knowledge. Now is a time for reflection and then new action

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