First Political Game-Show is Over


The first televised political game show is over and it gave Farage of Ukip a commanding lead but whether or not it made a real positive contribution the election process is open to debate.

Technically the debate was a triumph for the Tories who managed to bully the broadcasters into trivializing the event by including two regional Parties, Welsh Nats and Scottish Nazi Party, and excluding two other regional Parties, DUP and IRA/Sinn Fein, and one national Party, Monster Raving Loonie Party. Then, the event was more for entertainment and TV ratings than as a serious contribution to the democratic process.

Farage and Ukip stood tall because they were different from the other six Parties and their leaders. Whether being honest and straight forward will win seats remains to be seen. It would be great for democracy if Ukip could form the next Government, and thoroughly shake up the Westminster elite, and it might happen. Hopefully, Ukip will win the seats to have a strong clear voice and help to bring power back to the voters.

What was very clear was that of all the promises made by the other leaders, most are impractical because they could only be delivered after leaving the EUSSR which those Parties are committed to, at any price to the British people.

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