Flailing Burnham Lashes Out


“He’s just p!**$d that our man Corbyn is beating 7 shades of Labour out of him”, Chicken Dave, Leadert, Tories for Corbyn

Flailing Burnham Lashes Out
by technoguido

Andy Burnham accused David Cameron of “dog-whistle” politics this morning for daring to use the word “swarm” to describe the swarm of migrants swarming the channel. You can almost smell the desperation in the camp as they start lashing out…



Cameron calling Calais migrants a “swarm” is nothing short of disgraceful. Confirms there’s no dog-whistle these Bullingdon Boys won’t blow.

— Andy Burnham (@andyburnhammp) July 30, 2015

Here is Burnham talking about immigration during the 2010 leadership election:

“We were in denial. We were behind the issue all the time, and myths were allowed to develop. There’s still an ambivalence among some in Labour about discussing immigration. I’ve been accused of dog-whistle politics for doing so. But it was the biggest doorstep issue in constituencies where Labour lost. People aren’t racist, but they say it has increased tension, stopped them getting access to housing and lowered their wages.”

Burnham’s campaign is more screwed than Cecil the Lion on a trip to see the dentist.

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