Former EC transport commissioner Palacio dies


credit: Friends of the Earth Europe

FORMER European commissioner for transport and energy, Loyola de Palacio, has died at the age of 56. Considered a heretic by the High Priests of Global Warming, Mrs Palacio was frequently lampooned for her questioning approach to their new religion.

Often a controversial figure, Mrs Palacio was not afraid to propose strategies that put European interests first. In the process she came into disagreement with extremists and vested interest groups. The Global Warmers may not have been prepared to tolerate any view other than their own, but other interest groups have struck a more reasoned and gracious note when learning of her untimely death. European Sea Ports Organisation chairman Giuliano Gallanti said: “We are all quite shocked. I very much enjoyed working with Mrs. de Palacio when she was commissioner for transport. Although we did not always agree with her proposals, I very much appreciated the open and frank discussions we had with her. She was a very competent and decided politician with ports and shipping close to her heart. We express our sympathy to the family and friends of Mrs de Palacio.”

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