From “We Can” to “We Can’t”


There have been times when a worn down Obama just doesn’t seem to care about anything

Hussein Obama was swept into office as US President on the mantra “We Can”, but as he approaches the final stage of the current Presidential Election he seems to be the “We Can’t” candidate.


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When Obama was elected, he was surrounded by so much hype that BSD remarked that even a super hero floated on hype would disappoint. The man was so much less than the legend his supporters created.

In the final days of his four year term, Obama is above all the little people. He could not even be bothered to prepare for his first debate with contender Romney. It seemed that he had believed all the negative spin that his campaign had put out against Romney. He tried harder for the second debate and desperately harder for the third and final debate. The left leaning media claimed the third debate as a victory for Obama, but it made no dent on Romney in the opinion polls.

The first debate may prove to have been the turning point where Obama lost the White House. Romney projected all of the attributes that a CEO or President requires and Obama did not. Romney’s performance also benefitted from all the negative Obama spin and the millions of dollars spent by the Democrats in attempting character assassination. Key voters started by assuming from the Democrates spin that Romney was nothing, making his performance all the more impressive and creating an impression that required an earthquake to dent.

The question is whether US voters have finally seen Obama for the failure his Presidency has been, or have they just realized that in Romney they have a man who has made a fortune out of turning companies around and is well equipped to turn around the US economy?

From the start of the race, the Obama campaign has tried hard to avoid talking about policies or visions for the future and concentrated on trying to paint Romney as a crook or an incompetent, or as a fool, or as a threat to national security.

There has also been a crude attempt to engineer a blip in an otherwise deeply troubling economy through a welter of defence spending in the last quarter to be reported before election day.

Clearly, Hussein Obama does not deserve to win a second term, but there is more at stake than just the US economy. The outcome of the election will have a significant impact on the global economy through the practical development of the US economy and the level of confidence the new President will create. Hussein Obama is likely to create a negative impact on confidence because he has already stated that he is happy with an economy that could be worse. Saying that the aspiration for a second term is acceptance of slow US decline, with no intention of attempting recovery, it is so negative it will unsettle the financial markets that are already gearing up for a catastrophic outcome for the European Union and the EuroZone.

If Romney wins,his Presidency will only be known in four years time. Initially the world (or a large part of it) will wish him well because an improving US economy is essential for every other economy. As the biggest creditor, China needs a resurgent US, able to repay its debts and provide an enlarging market for Chinese goods. Romney’s personal success in making money from sound business decisions is an encouraging history when it comes to economic recovery. That Obama has tried to portray this success as a negative says more about Obama, underlining his poor track record in understanding economics and business drivers.

Obama has tried to claim victory in Iraq and Afghanistan and made much of killing Bin Laden as though he pulled the trigger himself. The reality is very different and shows that Obama is either a serial liar or simply has no understanding of international relations and the cardinal points of warfare.

It is already well known that he took great efforts to have deniability if the US Special Forces raid to capture or kill Bin Laden failed. He was forced to rush back to be in a position to claim the credit for himself. Hardly the ‘right stuff’ for a Commander in Chief.

In Iraq the US withdrawal was premature. It can be argued that the invasion should not have taken place, but once US troops were on Iraqi soil there were only two possible options. One option was to withdraw and leave a shattered Iraq to its own devices. For this option to have any level of success for the US, it should have been sudden and early, or at least immediately after the capture and execution of Saddam. The other option was to remain in Iraq until a major reconstruction program had been completed and the hearts and minds of Iraqis had been won. The reality was that a drawn out withdrawal was completed before full stability had returned to Iraq. That withdrawal may have been the best available choice, but it was late and messy, leaving an Iraq that is still far from stable and sandwiched between Syria and Iran where revolt is active and the current regimes may topple at any time.

In Afghanistan, withdrawal is political expediency. Again, it may be the best option, but it is a very long way from being a victory and withdrawal may be completed just before Pakistan topples into civil war and chaos, having been destablized by the invasion of Afghanistan.

So in the final analysis, Obama has failed on the economy and failed on national security, but tried to cover up his failures.

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