Get to DC in Sept. & fight gun control today!

Thank you for all you do!

This week there are two action items, as well as a note about Jenny Beth’s recent essay about the tea party movement.


Make your plans to come to Washington, DC for our 10th anniversary rally and celebration, and be sure to share information about the anniversary event with others! The rally will be held the morning of Thursday, September 19th. There will be a reception the evening of the 19th and activist training on the 20th. Space will be limited for the reception and the training, so RSVP here! For more information and an FAQ, visit We can’t wait to see you!


It just so happens that as we celebrate our 10th anniversary as a movement, there are still people who make proclamations about the death of the tea party. Jenny Beth wrote a very insightful essay that you will want to read, and will hopefully put those claims to rest for good. Read the essay here!


Continue to utilize your Say No to “Red Flag” Laws guide this week. President Trump and the Senate Republicans are under tremendous amounts of pressure to “do something” about mass shootings, and if we don’t each step up to show them that they have to do the right thing – which means protecting the 2nd Amendment – then we will lose our rights. Please use our guide this week on Senate Republicans and the White House. If you’ve already used it, you can use it again because you can keep calling and emailing your Senators and the White House.


In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin