Gulf of Aden Pirate Corridor – New coordinates in effect


February to April are the months when most cruising sailors are going east to west across the Indian Ocean, and set out to transit the pirate infested Gulf of Aden. At this time of year the trade winds in the Red Sea are favorable, and a boat will reach the Mediterranean just in time for the European Spring. Between July to November during the SW trades is when yachts are likely to make the return journey from west to east. As this area has become notoriously famous for pirate attacks, a security corridor International Recommended Transit Corridor (IRTC) has been established, and boats are advised to travel in convoys. New coordinates came into effect on 0001Z 01 FEB 09 See Map & Full Details on transiting the Gulf of Aden pirate zone, by clicking on

Yachtsmen contemplating making the passage, are recommended to contact the MARLO (Maritime Liaison Office) in Bahrain for further advice on Tel: +00-973-3940-1395 or by e-mailing

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