Gun Fired – More Deaths Feared


Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect, Gordon Brown

With breath-taking cynicism, Scottish Prime Minister Gordon Brown flew to Iraq for a photo opportunity to re-announce the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq, demonstrating that the culture of spin is still very much at the heart of the Blair Brown regime. His propaganda trip did not apparently include a meeting with his partner in crime, and co-architect of the British invasion of Iraq, Tony Blair, who has been given a lucrative sinecure in Palestine.

Last week at the Blair brown regime’s conference, Brown was unable to spare more than one word for every two British Middle East troop fatalities, further demonstrating the low regard in which he holds British soldiers. Yesterday however there was something he thought they could do for him. The ultimate price could be further deaths for British troops and the death or mistreatment of women in the areas of southern Iraq abandoned to the Shia militia.

His announcement is widely believed to be the starting gun for the next British General Election and a propaganda stunt to deny news headlines to the Conservatives who are holding there annual conference, at which some major new policies are being announced.

The Scottish Prime Minister announced a total number of troops that includes 250 who have already returned to Britain, 250 who are part of the second group due to return, and a further 500 who are believed to be the third wave of withdrawals previously announced by the Ministry of Defence but where the exact number was not announced.

MOD sources initially admitted that they had no idea that the Scottish Prime Minister was flying to Iraq or that he would be making the announcement that was supposed to be part of a statement to the British Parliament next week, in a further indication of the contempt in which his regime holds Parliament and democracy. This is not surprising because the Scottish Secretary Des Browne, who also moonlights in any spare time as the Defence Minister, is too busy attempting to buy Scottish votes for the forthcoming General Election.


Scottish First Minister, Elected, Alex Salmond

The Blair Brown regime is now totally pre-occupied with the timing and conduct of the forthcoming election which they hope will turn Britain into a One Party State. In Scotland they face an ever more popular Scottish Nationalist Party which came to power in Scotland and has handled its challenges deftly and effectively. Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond dealt successfully with the terror bombing of Glasgow Airport, for which Gordon Brown tried to take the credit, and has demonstrated the fitness of the Scottish Nationalists to govern in Scotland.

In the regime’s central and northern heartlands it faces a determined attack by the British National Party. If Scottish Nationalists and British Nationalists are as successful as some commentators forecast, they will cause the fall of the Blair Brown regime even if the Conservatives fail to make any further gains in England. In part, the announcement in Iraq is seen as an attempt to buy Islamic votes by hiding the fact that Brown has agreed to keep British troops in Iraq until US troops are prepared to withdraw and to redeploy troops withdrawn from Iraq to Afghanistan.

With the earliest date for a British General Election now November 1 1007, Brown fears a resurgent Conservative Party will add to his fears of the Scottish and British Nationalists and could wipe his national socialist regime out at the polls. The propaganda stunt in Iraq yesterday is an indication of growing desperation amongst the Brown clique.

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