Hang, Draw and Quarter?

Is it time to try the Blair Brown Gang for treason and re-introduce the appropriate penalty?

The determination that New Improved Formula One Labour displayed in trying to subvert democracy to cling to power spoke volumes for the mess that would be uncovered by the next democratic Government. Only the dimmest Briton would have been surprised to find evidence of incompetence and wrong doing from the Blair Brown years of shame. Tory and Whig politicians expected to find a serious mess, but no one expected it to be as bad and as blatant as the reality, or to see the rump of the Blair Brown Gang as cheerfully unrepentant as they are. At the very least some of the Blair Brown Gang should be barred from ever holding any form of public office again.

Whenever any government changes, the incoming government will find actions that they disagree with. Most new governments blame the previous administration for something, to make their first few weeks look better. The Tory Whig coalition is currently facing a unique challenge that will grow in the coming weeks.

The snide note left by the underwhelming Blair Brown Chief Secretary to the Treasury was unique, where he was pleased to inform his successor that the scorched earth policy of Bottler Brown had been completely successful and there was no money left for anything. What he could have said was that Bottler spent the last of the British taxpayers’ money a long while ago and this year completed spending the last of the available loans – or to put it another way, Bottler not only dramatically increased the amount of money raised in taxation, but he borrowed a fortune which is really deferred taxation that has to be raised from future taxpayers.

The challenge for the Tory Whig administration is how much of the bad news they make public. The first reviews have already shown that the mountain of debt run up by Bottler and his cronies is far worse than even the most pessimistic had forecast, and we are still some way from getting the heart of the problems. Once the off-book debts have all been identified and added in, the initial estimates of indebtedness will probably be less than 30% of the real figures.

The first announcement of cuts by Chancellor Osbourne was as much a stake in the ground to assure creditors that Britain would not default on the debts and that the Tory Whig coalition was prepared to take painful decisions to bring the debt under control during the anticipated five years of coalition Government.

It is already becoming clear from uncovered documents that the Blair Brown Regime deliberately brought in three million migrants for political reasons and that a further two million illegals were allowed in. This has introduced huge problems that have to be dealt with, but without funds to address the issues

It is also clear that it was deliberate policy to move a majority of the population onto the Government payroll, either as employees, or as benefits recipients. Thousands of non-jobs were created. The situation now exists where a deliberately complex system of benefits is trapping millions in poverty at a time when the Treasury is hard pressed to find the funds to make the benefits payments. As the situation is corrected a great deal of pain will be suffered before an improved situation is created that adequately protects the most vulnerable, provides a reasonable and effective safety net, and introduces a system that provides real support to get the unemployed back to work in an expanding economy.

It was already obvious that public employees were being deliberately over paid to make them dependent on New Labour. This has created both bad value for money and a huge pensions funding problem.

Although some of the pygmies scrambling to become the new Labour Leader are trying to suggest that these deliberate policies were really accidental, each new document uncovered confirms the deliberate nature of these actions.

Given that so much wrong doing was deliberately carried out, it raises the question of whether a full judicial inquiry should now be started with a view to bringing the most serious charges against members of the ejected Blair Brown Regime. This then raises the question of whether the penalties available are strong enough to deal with the level of Blair Brown Regime criminality.

No incoming democratic Government is keen to bring formal charges against the outgoing Government. Partly this is because it sets precedents for the future that could be exploited by an unprincipled new Government, and partly it is a matter of wanting to focus on positive matters when the span of the new Government will be all too short for its intended program.

However, the Blair Brown Regime has serious questions to answer and only formal prosecution will adequately address the scale of the wrong doing.


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