Has Merkel Solved Russian Port Problem


Has Merkel’s arrogant treatment of the Cypriots solved Russia’s search for a new Mediterranean naval base?



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Russia is courting Cyprus with an offer to bail the economy out in return for naval base facilities in Cyprus to replaced the facilities Russia expects to lose in Syria when Assad is deposed.

This is a re-run of Russian attempts to take over former US bases in Iceland in return for bailing out Iceland.

This time the stakes are higher. Cyprus is not just a small EUSSR member state, but also a member of the Commonwealth, so Merkel may have caused serious problems not just for the EUSSR political dream, but also for the Commonwealth.

Iceland wisely decided to sort out its own problems and was free to do so because it was neither a member of the EUSSR, or the Euro Zone. For Cyprus it is a whole new complex mess created by Berlin and Brussels. The Icelandic success demonstrates just how straight forward economic recovery can be without the dead hand of Berlin and Brussels.


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