Hello Mister President


Newly elected President of the Republic of Arc Manche generously made an October Presidential Visit to his subjects in the western Departments of the new Republic, a Member of the United States of Europe.

If President Alain Le Vern was expecting a crowd of flag (the blue flag of Europe naturally) waving rosbifs he was to be disappointed. No one interviewed in the former British territories admitted to even being aware that he had been elected to rule over them, much less that he was actually paying a Presidential visit. They were also unaware that they had been transferred into the new French-speaking Republic by the Brussels Eurocrats.


Peoples Republic of Arc Manch

For the benefits of his new subjects, President Le Vern is a French Socialist and ‘Non’ we could not establish who had elected him. He made this first foray from his capital city of Paris, formally capital of the French Republic, to meet his rosbif Eurocrats for a “strategic vision” meeting which included the discussion of new maps, road signs and other changes to eradicate evidence of former British rule of the Western Departments of the Republic.


Map obtained by a British national newspaper

The Western Departments were previously the counties of South East and South West Britain. Another map shows that Arc Manche will include the area in a line from North Essex to Bristol, that includes London. One has to assume that this area is due to be annexed shortly.

Eric Pickles, Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Shadow Local Government Minister, (who was directly elected by the people he represents) described Arc Manche as “the political equivalent of Frankenstein’s monster”. He said: “Taxpayers will be alarmed that their hard-earned cash is now being spent on wiping England off the map and handing power to foreign politicians who they never elected.” He continued, “This Labour-EU project needs to be stopped before these trans-national regions grab real power and funding. I fear John Prescott’s (that’s Deputy Prime Minister Prescott, AKA, Cowboy, AKA, Two Jags, AKA Two Shags ) legacy of unelected and unaccountable regional assemblies in England will be the blueprint for a new masterplan – further undermining England’s cherished local and national identities and creating a European super-state via the back door.”


North Sea Republic

Arc Manche is the pilot for a complete redrawing of the map of Europe and intended to crush all signs of national identity. Former British territory was clearly added to Belgian and French territory to deal with a people seen by Eurocrats as unacceptably democratic and resistant to rule by un-elected officials. They are also seen as unacceptably pro-American, the natural rival to the European Super State.


Republic of the Northern Periphery

Eastern Britain is due to be combined with parts of Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway, which may come as a particular surprise to those Norwegians who thought they had voted not to join the European Super State (that unacceptable behaviour has been made worse by their continued prosperity outside the control of Eurocrats). Wales and Ulster are to be transferred to Ireland. Scotland will be divided and absorbed into two new Republics, together with Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland. After Britain has ceased to exist, the Eurocrats will then press ahead with the Balkanisation of the rest of Europe.

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