Help put this ObamaCare ad on the air


Senator David Vitter is fighting to force members of Congress and their staffs to enroll in ObamaCare.

However, the Democrats and some Republicans are fighting him hard.

So, Senator Vitter helped us film a TV ad to air in key states. Now we must raise the funds to get this ad on the air.

Please make an urgent contribution of $25, $30, $50, $100, $200, or whatever you can afford right away. Just click here to watch this hard-hitting spot.


Vitter Video

The American people need to understand that Congress is exempting itself from ObamaCare. They need to realize that the politicians are once again breaking the rules.

Senator Vitter needs our help. And Tea Party Patriots simply doesn’t have the money on hand right now to buy the airtime we need.

A bipartisan cabal of Democrats and Republicans just voted against Senator Vitter in committee.

They are trying to cover up the fact that many Senate offices are probably breaking the law by not enrolling in ObamaCare.

This is a huge scandal. And David Vitter is risking his career by picking this fight.

Most politicians and their staffs want no part of ObamaCare. They understand it is expensive and a terrible nuisance.

They love their gold-plated, taxpayer-funded insurance plans, and they will do anything to keep them.

So Republicans and Democrats have locked arms and are fighting Senator Vitter like crazy.

They are blocking his investigation into ObamaCare. They are trying to kill his bill that would force Congress members and staffers to enroll in this horrible program.

We must rally the American people like never before.

We MUST get this ad on the air immediately. Click here to watch it. Then, please make the very best gift you can today.
I’ve personally told Senator Vitter that we’ll get these ads up on the air.

I’ve promised that Tea Party supporters across America would fund the airtime we need in key states.

This man is truly fighting for us. He is standing up to the cronies in both political parties!

And he needs our help now.

PLEASE do whatever you can today. This is urgent!

Thank you in advance for all your help.


Jenny Beth Martin

National Coordinator and Co-Founder

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