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The core set of beliefs that sparked our modern day tea party movement are in stark contrast to the reality that is our government today. We see a federal government which has grown too large, is unaccountable, and concentrates power in the hands of a few rather than in the hands of us, We the People.


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This has become increasingly evident with the scandal involving the IRS targeting of tea party groups, other conservative groups, and potentially individuals based on political ideology. The scandal involving the targeting of reporters for the AP and Fox News shows even more disregard for Constitutional limits. The Benghazi scandal demonstrates an arrogance of power and is not allowing the checks and balances the Constitution lays out to operate properly.

Consequently, we are considering proposing a Tea Party Patriots Bill of Rights which would be a list of amendments to the Constitution to rein in power and reestablish limited government.

To that end, we are asking for your suggestions. If you could add three Constitutional Amendments, what would they be? Be specific and give examples. We will be back in touch with you in the coming weeks with results and to seek your approval on any proposed action we take.

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