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Tea Party Patriots is trying to do what the Washington, D.C. pundits and professional politicians believe is impossible.

They are trying to raise $1.2 million in just ten days from grassroots conservatives across the nation.



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Unfortunately, though, they are $323,319 short and they only have two days before their deadline!

Please, as personal favor to me, make a generous contribution of $35, $50, $100, $200, or whatever you can afford to Tea Party Patriots’ 5 Years for Freedom $1.2 million dollar money bomb.

Time is very, very short.

You see, the fifth anniversary of the Tea Party is tomorrow. And raising this additional $323,319 before then is going to be really, really tough. For any other organization, this would be impossible.

And even for Tea Party Patriots, it’s not going to be easy to hit this $1.2 million goal.

That’s why I offered to write you this email. It is critical that Jenny Beth Martin and Tea Party Patriots reach this historic fundraising benchmark. Just click here to help them hit their goal and stick it to the elites in Washington.

Every big government crony, every crooked political consultant, every sleazy Obama Administration official is watching the progress of this grassroots fundraising drive.

Tea Party Patriots took a huge risk and posted a counter on their website showing their fundraising progress. All of Washington is hoping they’ll fall short of their $1.2 million goal.

And right now, unless more grassroots conservatives help out, I’m afraid they will fall short.

Please donate what you can today. And forward this email to everyone you know.

Right now, everyone from the White House to Capitol Hill has their fingers crossed. They are watching this online counter. They know that raising this additional $323,319 by Thursday is going to be really, really tough.

That’s why every Tea Party supporter in the country must take a stand now.

I’m very serious. This fundraising drive is the first test of the Tea Party’s grassroots muscle in 2014.

The media is watching its progress. The D.C. establishment Republicans are all collectively holding their breath.

They know that if the Tea Party can show America that it is organized and committed enough to raise $1.2 million in just ten days there will be no stopping this grassroots political insurgency.

And their spin that the Tea Party has lost steam and popular support will look even more ridiculous!

Please donate what you can.

And please ask everyone you know to do the same by forwarding this email to every Tea Party supporter you know.

Thank you, and may God bless America and the Tea Party movement!

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