Help Us Get Their Backs

All too often our champions are getting beaten up to do what the establishment in Washington wants, while doing their best to stand on principle. We need to give them some encouragement so that they’ll continue to stand strong. We need to let them know that we’ve got their backs.

Help us get their backs!

We have chosen several Senators and Congressmen who have stood up on behalf of our values. Many of them do it all the time and some of them have done it recently. We need to let them know that if they continue to stand for our values we’ll continue to get their backs.

Some of the pressure that they have to bear include losing committee assignments that they are well qualified for and some have even had campaign ads run against them by the establishment. They are constantly under pressure to give in to the will of leadership, so we need to back them up to make sure they continue standing up for the will of the people.

We encourage you to write a hand-written note, send a tweet, make a phone call, or fill out the form to let these elected officials know that when they stand up for the values that we hold dear, we’ll be here to get their backs.

Help us get their backs now!

In liberty,

Tea Party Patriots Support Team