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While the ruling class in Washington is desperately trying to pass the buck on the Obamacare catastrophe, the Tea Party is counterattacking!


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We are trying to raise $100,000 by October 31st to show the professional politicians that our movement is stronger than ever.

Donate Now!Please make a generous contribution of $10, $15, $20, $25, or whatever you can afford. We still need to raise $75,549 and we only have 6 days left!

The politicians in D.C. keep trying to say that the Tea Party is “dead”, that we are “irrelevant,” that they are going to “crush” us. Or, that we need to be “rehabilitated.”

That’s why we launched this massive counterattack. The American people are under assault from their own government, and it’s time for someone to take a stand for them!

Please help us raise this $100,000 by October 31st. We need to show the politicians in Washington that the Tea Party is more organized and better funded than ever. Especially now that the government shutdown is over.

Make the very best contribution you can right now. And then forward this email to everyone you know.

Big government politicians in both parties want us to just go away.

They want to go back to the bad old days when they could cut back room deals in secret and the American people would simply have to accept it.

Now, however, the Tea Party revolution has changed everything.

The American people now have a voice. They are angry and afraid, and we are fighting for them.

That’s Tea Party Patriots’ mission. To help the thousands of local Tea Party organizations across America work together and hold the big spenders in D.C. to account.

But we can’t do that without you. We must raise $100,000 by October 31st.

We need to show the ruling class that despite all their attacks and the media blaming us for the government shutdown fiasco, we are stronger and more determined than ever.

Raising $100,000 in just a few days will do just that.
Donate Now!

So, please, please make the very best gift you can right away.

And then ask everyone you know to do the same.

Unfortunately, we are already running a bit behind in this fundraising effort. So I really need your help right away.

In order to reach our critical $100,000 goal we must raise $75,549 by next Thursday.

We are taking a bit of a risk by proclaiming to the world that we are going to raise this large sum of money in just a few days – and so soon after the Democrats’ government shutdown mess.

But the Tea Party movement is made up of so many generous and determined Americans that we know we can do it.

However, time is running short. Please help us today. Show the big-government politicians that we aren’t going away and that the Tea Party is growing stronger and stronger.

Just click here to make your secure online donation.

Thank you in advance for all of your help. And long live the Tea Party movement!

Donate Now!

For Liberty,

The Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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