Help win some conservative victories

Recess is for third-graders.

Honestly, it’s always struck me as kind of silly that federal lawmakers get to take the entire month of August off, no matter how dire America’s problems are.

Do you get to leave your job each August? I doubt it!

  • So, we were excited when Mitch McConnell agreed to our demands for the Senate skip most of August recess, and do the work they were hired to do instead of going on vacation or campaigning for re-election.

Before they start begging for our votes this coming November, shouldn’t they fulfill a couple of the promises they made in their last campaigns?

I think they should, and if you agree, please chip in $50, $30 or $15, or whatever you can afford to help Tea Party Patriots Action win hotly-contested legislative fights this summer.

Our message is simple:

  • ✓ Polls show the American people believe Judge Brett Kavanaugh deserves his spot on the Supreme Court. Confirm him now.
  • ✓ In past campaigns, almost all of you senators railed against runaway spending and warned about the dangers of a $20 trillion debt load. Cut spending now.
  • ✓ You are the United States Senate, not the Mexican Senate. Your duty is to enforce our laws and protect our people. Secure the border now.

Ian, you can help us ram that message home with your Tea Party gift today.

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin