He’s Incompetent – So that’s OK then


“Bottler” Brown, Scottish Prime Minister non-elect

“Bottler” Brown has announced his complete confidence in Welsh Minister Peter Hain, who also moonlights as the Work and Pensions Minister, because he is confident that Hain is totally incompetent – curious defence for a Minister about to join the band of Blair Brown regime functionaries who are being investigated by police, the Electoral Commission and the public standards regulator.

It seems that the Scottish Prime Minister non-elect demands incompetence from his henchmen.

Just to prove him right, Hains part time Ministry at Work and Pensions loses yet another batch of mailbags containing the very personal details of another batch of citizens. It seems that every few weeks 18 or so mail bags are dumped on a roundabout but that doesn’t seem to worry Hain or Brown.

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