Hey GOP: Hollywood celebrities won’t save America

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In its new report the Republican Party claims that it can solve all its electoral problems very easily.


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It wants to form a committee of Hollywood celebrities, hold a summit of pollsters, and force outside groups – like the Tea Party – to get permission from party bureaucrats before doing anything.

This type of nonsense is why ordinary Americans banded together and formed the Tea Party four years ago. The Republican political establishment believes that gimmicks and a different “tone” are more important than good policies and promoting liberty.

It’s clear that the Tea Party is the only organization left in America that is willing to stand up and fight the Obama Agenda. Please make a generous contribution of $35, $50, $100, $200 or whatever you can afford to Tea Party Patriots today.

We have to show the establishment in D.C. that our movement is stronger than ever!

While the party hacks in D.C. were deciding whether to serve lobster or steak at their “pollsters summit”, Tea Party Patriots was recruiting hundreds of new young activists at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

We unveiled a new video, helped train scores of new activists, and Jenny Beth Martin made national headlines by kicking off the last day of that mega-event with a rousing speech against ObamaCare.

And that was just one weekend!

Now we must recruit new volunteers and provide grants to local Tea Party groups.

We need to identify and educate voters by the millions. We need a local Tea Party organization in every congressional district in the nation.

It is clear that in this fight to save America, the establishment Republicans would rather be clinking champagne glasses with Hollywood celebrities than fighting for true limited government.

The Tea Party is America’s ONLY hope!

Please donate what you can today. Every single dime of your contribution will go towards REAL grassroots activism.

And I promise you that Tea Party Patriots will NEVER allow the Republican National Committee or ANY political party veto power over our activities. NEVER!!!

I don’t care what these D.C. hacks want. This is our movement and we will never dilute our message, compromise our principles or back down from a political fight.

According to the GOP report, “The RNC is the only entity that can effectively lead on issues and messaging” and the Republican Establishment plans to call for a “command performance meeting” with all conservative groups to decide what we are allowed to do and say!


Think about this for a second:

While the establishment Republicans were devising this plan to create a “Celebrity Task Force” to attract younger voters, Tea Party Patriots was rolling out our “A Movement on Fire” campaign to educate young people about how Americans must resist dictatorial government.

We created a wildly popular video that shows in stark terms that the American people are becoming disenfranchised by big government and that citizens of all ages must fight back today!

That’s the Tea Party message. That is what Americans from all walks of life need to hear.

However, I’m quite confident that this is the type of message that would never be “approved” by the establishment Republican consultants in Washington.

In fact, in the Republican report, the only issue it even mentions is immigration. Nothing about taxes, the debt, overspending or even ObamaCare!

That’s why our Tea Party movement is more important than ever.

If we don’t talk about issues, no one will.

Congressman Paul Ryan this past weekend even declared that America doesn’t have a budget crisis!

These people either don’t know or don’t care about how much danger our country is in. They only care about gimmicks and political games.

So it’s up to us. You, me, and everyone we can personally recruit to our cause. We need to fight back.

Please make the very best donation you can today. We need to show the establishment political hacks exactly what we think of their ridiculous report.

We need to show them what true conservative grassroots activism can accomplish.

No celebrities. No pollsters’ summits. Just ordinary Americans fighting for what is right.

Please help.



Kevin Mooneyhan
National Support Team Member

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