Hobson’s Choice


Nigel Farage has reason to smile as voters flock to UKIP and politicians defect from the old failed Parties

British voters are facing Hobson’s Choice – or are they?


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The leaders of the three old failed Parties are seeing their already dismal ratings sink lower and their Parties are all seem as untrustworthy. The only political Party in Britain seeing a strong upward trend is the UK Independence Party.

Part of the reason for growth in support and confidence is that the UK Independence Party is coming to be seem as a Party offering positive policies rather than being seen as a one policy wreck Europe Party. They are also helped by the disasters across the European Union that demonstrate for anyone with a brain cell that the EU is all about the advancement of an unaccountable and deeply undemocratic force and is the bastion of waste and fraud.

Significantly , UKIP is seeing more money flowing into its war chest, but is this enough?

Compared to the three old failed parties, UKIP still has very little money and the next rounds of elections will see the old Parties spending huge sums in an attempt to convince voters that reality does not exist. Creative attempts to get out the UKIP message are beginning to see results, but there is a long way to go to achieve a majority of seats in Government.

The old question also continues – as UKIP grows, where will this take its policies? It is now clear that UKIP is attracting new members and defectors from all parts of the political spectrum. This will inevitably bring changes to policies as the political mix changes.

The cynical campaign of George Gallaway has introduced some new considerations. Voters are so unhappy with the three old failed Parties that they are more prepared to vote for new Parties. Success for UKIP lies in convincing electors that voting UKIP is not a wasted vote, listening to new members, maintaining integrity and having the courage to present a new prospect.

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