How ideas defeated the Soviet Union

When the Foundation for Economic Education was founded in 1946, the United States and the Soviet Union were gripped in an ideological showdown felt across the entire world. Capitalism vs. Socialism.

Through it all, FEE has never wavered in its mission to advance and defend the foundational ideas of liberty. Though Leftist academics, Hollywood, and a Communist empire spent nearly a century pushing their dangerous socialist ideology, FEE played a key role in demonstrating how free enterprise, free people, and free society brought about the most opportunity and prosperity for all.

When the Berlin Wall came down, we celebrated. When the Soviet Union finally collapsed two years later, we rejoiced as the light of liberty flourished in dark places.

The Cold War might be long over but the dangerous ideas of socialism are gaining ground once again This time, it is young Americans who are the ones facing indoctrination.

You don’t have to look far to find the troubling rise of socialist ideas. They are spouted daily in the media. Our schools are being turned into indoctrination centers that teach radically anti-capitalist and “woke” ideas.

Most concerning, studies show young Americans are developing a more positive view of socialism than of capitalism. They are being deceived into believing that socialism is about “fairness,” “equality,” and “helping the less fortunate”—they are not taught that these ideas led to the oppression and deaths of millions.

The only cure for indoctrination is education. 75 years later, and that is still FEE’s mission.

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My concern for future generations is a very personal one. I grew up in Lithuania when it was under the boot of communism. While Lithuania is certainly more free following the fortunate collapse of the Soviet Union, the disastrous effects of communism are still having a long-term impact on the country.

It is my mission, and that of FEE, to ensure America’s rising generation is told the truth about the dangerous ideas that devastated my home country and to inspire them with the principles of economic freedom and individual liberty—the very principles that have allowed America and the West to flourish. I would hate to see this great country suffer under these dangerous ideas the same way we suffered through it in Lithuania.

It’s why I’m proud to be a part of FEE’s critical mission in pushing back against these ideas and effectively engaging, inspiring, and equipping young Americans with the ideas and principles of a free society—free enterprise, individual liberty, and limited government.

Political and economic change is downstream of cultural change. We must change culture before we can expect to see free-market solutions integrated into our economy, culture, and government.

I’ve seen how effective education can be when battling propaganda. The educational programs and materials FEE provides help win the hearts and minds of the next generation.

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FEE Students

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Brad Polumbo on Fox

FEE’s online video library is free and brings the ideas of free markets to a new generation online via YouTube and social media—achieving millions of views every year.

By producing and marketing videos, podcasts, and social media content that is engaging — yet uncompromising — in its pro-liberty message, FEE’s videos are providing millions of young people with an alternative to the anti-free market, big government messaging typically found in online media. Commentary

Since its founding in 1946 and the original publication of The Freeman magazine, FEE has produced written commentary advocating for free enterprise, limited government, respect for private property and individualism, and voluntary, bottom-up solutions to our nation’s issues.

As one of the world’s most popular websites for the ideas of freedom, continues to provide timely stories that teach timeless principles and are unwavering in their stances.

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