How to prosper in a post referendum world

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Agilient International highlights necessity to spend post Brexit budget on research, training and talent

29TH June 2016

Agilient International, an innovative SME, already exporting outside the EU in the ‘knowledge economy’, today asserts its belief that the UK can prosper in a post referendum world.

The UK has voted to leave the European Union; Britain’s future will now rely on wider relationships and new trading agreements. Given that total exports account for about a third of British output, should the UK – currently the fifth-largest national economy – remain confident? The entrepreneurs think so.


“We help clients make better decisions faster,“ says Mark Le Masurier, co-founder of Agilient International. “A recent contract awarded by the New Zealand Defence Force is proof that our approach and solutions are readily exportable, regardless of a union closer to home.”


Mark continues “Agilient International no doubt benefitted from the mutual respect created through The Commonwealth and, in this sector, the ‘Five Power Defence Arrangement’, which underpins collaboration between Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. Our growth will also be fueled from opportunities with member states of NATO, whose combined military spending accounts for over 70% of the global total. It’s relationships like these which are increasingly important to us.”


Agilient International develops solutions that clearly present data to support strategic board-level decision making, communicate and coordinate business plans, and enable organisational learning and development. It uses next generation software and relies on a blend of talented employees, core consultants and associates to deliver agile and resilient outcomes for its clients.


“Where would we like the Treasury to spend the billions of pounds that is supposedly becoming available?” Mark asks. “Research, training and talent. Increase funding to science and technology, enhance incentives for SMEs to develop their staff and fund fast-track immigration of scientists and graduates into the UK. This, together with anticipated cuts in red tape, would increase prosperity in this new, post-referendum world.”

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