How to stop critical race theory

“Bring your sticks of chewing gum and sit upon the floor and we’ll teach you racist stories that you never heard before” Far Left

Critical race theory has taken our nation by storm.
For a long time, it had been mostly isolated to colleges and universities. But in recent years, it has invaded our K-12 schools, workplaces, state and federal governments, and even the military.

There’s a good chance that you—or your children—have encountered it. And there’s an even better chance that you didn’t realize it.
That’s because critical race theorists are really good at disguising their indoctrination. They use words like “diversity,” “equity,” and “inclusion” because those words sound harmless. And it can be easy for busy citizens—especially parents—to overlook such terms.
But those words have become key indicators of critical race theory. And they’re not the only ones.
That’s why I’m sending you this email today.
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Critical race theory is growing. And it’s vital that we inform as many people as possible about the harm it causes.
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Kay C. James
President, The Heritage Foundation