Hypocrites attack Trump for being honest

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Trump has a long reputation for making controversial statements to increase his public image. Politicians do that. What they very rarely do is make honest statements and when one of their number does, the Establishment has an attack of the vapours.



Political Correctness is all about taking voters for fools and advancing the most dangerous and anti-democratic concepts. In Britain the Labour faction of the LibLabConScotsNazi Party engineered and promoted mass immigration and a policy of apartheid. That terrible combination has created parts of the UK where the police fear to go – that’s not fear of being attacked by the inhabitants of the apartheid ghetto (although there are a few notorious areas were fear of inhabitants does apply), but fear of being attacked by politicians and activists for alleged endemic racism. That is why Muslim rape gangs were able to prey on vulnerable young white girls for years with complete impunity and this industrial scale abuse still continues.

Now is a good time to look honestly at the US, Islam, and Britain. Political Correctness fanatics will have a severe attack of the vapours but that’s tough and about time someone started hitting them metaphorically over the heads with large pieces of wood.


Donald Trump often makes contentious statements but that doesn’t make him wrong, or provide the Loonie Left fascists with any excuse to shut down debate on critical issues. What he usually does is make statements that a majority of US citizens support overtly, or covertly. When 36% support a statement by Trump, that has been loudly shouted down by the Loonie left fascists, that means that those afraid to express their support take the support level to a clear majority. Polling over several years has shown that for every person publicly supporting a contentious statement, there are up to two more people who also support the view but are afraid to make that support public. Frequently this adds up to a clear majority supporting a non-PC idea.



The US, along with many other nations is a collection of paradoxes. Many of the founding fathers of the US were slave owners and part of their motivation for wanting independence was the growing support in Britain for anti-slavery laws. From the earliest days, the US was happy to pursue a policy of genocide against the aboriginal population and that discrimination continued into modern times. In parts of the US there are still areas where strong groups exist that have a firm hatred of other people and it is not confined to a single racial or religious group. It is still a young country and it still has a strong streak of violence that is a common element in pioneering societies. This may explain why the US Federal Government allowed its security service to employ torture as a common element in interrogation and created a camp where this could be performed routinely outside the US. The disastrous President Obama came in to office vowing to end torture and Camp Gitmo but is on the verge of ending a two term Presidency without honouring his firm public promises.


That side of the US may deeply offend many, including many within the US, but the other face of the US is truly opposite. Americans are some of the kindest and most hospitable people on the planet. US Administrations have genuinely tried very hard to help others around the world and to follow humane and beneficial policies. They have not necessarily succeeded and there are examples where their best possible motives have produced a seriously negative effect, but then everyone is capable of making mistakes. The problems are not exclusively US but common to many other countries.


As the Presidential race enters its final lap, the Democrats and Clintons have demonstrated a total lack of any real policies beyond the desire to enrich themselves. They have resorted to smearing Trump, using an 11 year old tape of a ‘locker room’ exchange in the hope of stopping his momentum, even though the Clintons are mired in a catalogue of scandals and criminal/ treasonable acts. In talkiing of ‘Crooked Hillary’ Trump is just being truthfull. Hopefully this will be the last US Presidential race finds the Establishment and a tame and lazy news media relying on smear tactics when it should be all about policies and vision and commitment to serve the nation rather than candidate’s bank accounts.


US voters have an opportunity to vote for change and it may be the last opportunity to do so. The private policies of the Clintons would prevent such an opportunity ever being available in the future. Britain faced this challenge in June 2016, rose to the challenge and voted for democracy and independence – no taxation without representation.

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