I think I am, I know I am


“Call-Me-Dave” Cameron is spending money trying to find out if the British are happy. Well Dave I think I am, I know I am, I’m H A P P Y.


Well my Doctor asked me how I felt and I told him that, as “Call-Me-Dave”, requires I am:

A) Totally Happy,

B) Moderately Happy

C) Fairly Happy

D) Happy

All of the above

My Doctor asked:

Have you heard;

A) About sovereign debt crisis

B) Inflation due to hit double figures

C) Ireland and the other little PIIGS due to impload

D) Eurocrats demanding massive budget increases

C) Godfrey Bloom expelled from the European Parliament for being candid

D) Energy prices sky rocketing to fund fat cats

E) Taxes to rise.

F) Interest rates due to rise sharply

Err.. Well.. All of the above.

He took the only action possible, but its nice and quiet in here. The nurses wear rubber shoes. The food is always the same – and now I know I really am H A P P Y.


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