If you want a German commanded EU Army…..


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If you want a German commanded EU Army you can vote for anyone EXCEPT UKIP





As we celebrate the 70th anniversary of VE Day, there will have been voters who decided to support the Quislings in the LibLabCon Party, the Scottish Nazi Party, the terrorist linked Greens and Plaid. By voting for these traitors, the effect will be to accept the replacement of British military units with German commanded EUSSR troops and before the official date of the next British General election, the British Isles will have been divided into three vertical slices and each glued onto a collection of Scandinavian, Dutch, Belgian and a few parts of France, Portugal and Spain. Britain, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will have ceased to exist and those proud countries and Union will no longer call their own elections. They will be ruled by Presidents appointed by the European Commission.

With the Russian sell off of East Germany to West Germany, the newly reunified Germany was bound to begin the progress to a Greater Germany, ruling a collection of Protectorates as in 1940. The current European Commission map (above) was drawn by German map makers and is almot identical to the map drawn for the German Nazis as part of their 100 year plan.

The guiding rules to Eurocrats from the beginning has been to move in stealthy steps to a European Super State without the knowledge of the people of Europe.

At each stage apologists like Calamity Clegg and his LibDems have loudly stated that the next step would never happen – it was just fantasy, only for that step to be taken.

The latest step is the formation of the EUSSR Army under German command – It would never happen said Clegg, Milliband and Cameron. This week the European Commission President and the German Defence Minister have said it WILL happen very quickly.

Only Ukip have clearly stated that they would ensure British troops are not absorbed into a new German Army.

Believe in Britain Vote Ukip

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