If You’ve Got a Coupla Million Bucks, You Too, Can Be a ‘Friend of Bill.’


Here’s a quick look at the major political events of the past week:



New book describes the trail of money for the Clinton family’s foundation.
Peter Schweizer has a new book – which will hit bookstores on May 4th – detailing the Clinton family’s money trail. In Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, Schweizer raises important questions about whether or not the Clintons used Hillary’s post as Secretary of State essentially to sell favors to foreign governments and businesses. He writes: “We will see a pattern of financial transactions involving the Clintons that occurred contemporaneous with favorable U.S. policy decisions benefiting those providing the funds.” Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund encourages everyone to read this important book that will likely have a huge impact on next year’s Presidential race. You can pre-order it on Amazon.com here.

Hillary has an Iran problem.
In conjunction with Schweizer’s new book, we have learned that the Clinton Foundation received major dollars from a Ukrainian businessman, Victor Pinchuk, who sold pipelines to Iran while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. The issue is complicated, but the short version is that Pinchuk’s company Interpipe was violating U.S. sanctions against Iran during Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State, and at the same time, was making generous donations to Clinton’s private foundation. And, because this scandal has broken in the mainstream press, the Clinton Foundation is now re-filing its last five annual tax statements with the IRS to account for the “errors” of misrepresenting (by millions of dollars!) how much money the foundation accepted from foreign governments. Oh, what a tangled web the Clintons weave. For more on Hillary Clinton’s ties to Iran cash, click here:

Jeb Bush: NSA surveillance program is “best part” of Obama’s presidency.
Jeb Bush made a comment on Tuesday on the Michael Medved radio program that’s raising eyebrows, and questions: He said the NSA’s surveillance program – which includes keeping records of calls placed by American citizens – is the “best part” of Barack Obama’s presidency. Huh? Mr. Bush went on to say one of President Obama’s most important initiatives has been the enhancement of the NSA the “big metadata programs.” Jeb Bush’s comment provides a frightening glimpse into what the NSA might be empowered to do on his watch, were he to become President.
More on that story can be found here:

A warning from Ted Cruz.
Sen. Ted Cruz, who, as you know, is running for President, made an interesting comment this week about the establishment Republicans in the race. He warned that an establishment candidate would lose in November 2016, and he cautioned primary voters that nominating an establishment candidate would only be an extension of Barack Obama’s eight years in the White House. To watch the full video, click here:

We want to hear from you! Below are this week’s poll questions. Please know that your responses will be kept confidential.


What are your thoughts about Hillary Clinton’s first week on the campaign trail?

Her Iowa trip is a bad sign for her campaign. 7%
Are there really no other viable Democrat candidates? 18.2%
Her failures this week, and her likely failures in the future, will only help guarantee a GOP win in 2016. 23.4%
She’s lucky to have such an adoring press. This week could have been much worse for her. 51.4%

When staging a photo op with “everyday Iowans,” which voter groups would you make sure to include?

An Obamacare lobbyist 4.4%
A Planned Parenthood employee 2.2%
A College Democrat 7.7%
I don’t think of voters as members of “groups.” I think of them as individuals. 85.7%

That’s all for this week. Keep fighting for freedom!

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