I’m all in for Manny. Are you?

The Washington Swamp hates principled conservatives more than anything.

That’s why they’re going all out to defeat my friend, Dr. Manny Sethi, who is running for Tennessee’s open Senate seat.




Dr. Manny has a primary election on August 6th, and the Washington Swamp is desperate to defeat him so its own candidate will win. Dr. Manny is tied in the polls. It’s DEAD EVEN. The winner will be the side that rallies harder in these last two weeks. You can have a MAJOR IMPACT on this race just by responding today. That’s why I’m calling on all Constitutional Conservatives to support Dr. Manny’s campaign. Chip in $5, $10 or $25 right now. I’m personally asking for your help to Dr. Manny win this vital seat.

If we don’t stop the Swamp’s pick, we’ll be saddled with another “Republican” who sells out conservatives and votes with Democrats.

But if you act right now, and support Dr. Manny’s campaign with your best gift, you can help avoid such a disaster.

Dr. Manny is the son of two legal immigrant parents, and it burns him up that millions of illegal aliens thumb their noses at our laws and then demand to jump the line. He’ll be a strong advocate for securing our border and enforcing our immigration laws.

And as a doctor, Manny has a spirit of serving others. He established mobile rural clinics that have served tens of thousands of Tennesseans who are too poor or live too far away to a town to get quality medical care. When Dr. Manny is in the Senate, he’ll be an important ally in ripping up Obamacare and moving to a free market and patient-centered health care system.

When you send Dr. Manny to the Senate, we will stand side by side in protecting your Second Amendment rights, limiting government, cutting taxes, and defending innocent unborn life.

We need leaders like Dr. Manny who will fight the Swamp, not politicians like his opponent who will join the Swamp.

Dr. Manny will be a strong voice for your conservative values. Will you make sure Dr. Manny, a true Constitutional Conservative, wins this seat?

Over the last month, Dr. Manny surged in the polls to tie up this race. He has enthusiasm on his side, but the Swamp has more money on its side.

Dr. Manny will win if we can level the playing field and match the Swamp’s massive blitz of attack ads.


Sen. Rand Paul

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