After speaking with some allies yesterday, we have an important update to our call to action regarding the Democrats’ election bills. Please see below!

We had asked everyone to call Sen. Joe Manchin, but from what we are hearing, we are making the following changes.


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If you live in West Virginia

It is crucial that you keep calling Sen. Manchin. When you call, tell him the following.


Thank you for Sen. Manchin’s courageous stance against S.1, ‘The Corrupt Politicians Act,’ (the Democrats call it the ‘For the People Act’), and his courage to stand against Democrat efforts to weaken or get rid of the filibuster. We want to thank him for both of these!


Next, please oppose the ‘Pelosi Power Grab’ bill, known as the John Lewis Act. In fact, Sen. Manchin has promised to not give control of WV elections to federal bureaucrats, and he must keep this promise! The ‘Pelosi Power Grab’ bill, which right now Sen. Manchin wants to expand to apply all 50 states, would require every state and city to get permission from the radically left-wing Department of Justice Civil Rights Division before changing ANY voting/election laws. This undoubtedly gives control of ALL election laws to the unaccountable, unelected bureaucracy!


If you can, please call all of his offices, not just his D.C. office. However, if you do not have the time, just call his D.C. office.


D.C.: (202) 224-3954

Charleston: 304-342-5855

Martinsburg: 304-264-4626

Fairmont: 304-368-0567

If you don’t live in West Virginia

If you know people in West Virginia, please ask them to call Sen. Manchin with those two messages. We need as many people calling as possible.

If you a have Republican Senator (or two)

Call their DC offices and buck them up! Tell them thank you for opposing the Democrats’ efforts to takeover elections through S.1 (‘The Corrupt Politicians Act’) and H.R. 4 (‘The Pelosi Power Grab’ bill). As of right now, there are zero Republicans supporting either of these bills, but if they can pull one or two of the liberal Republicans over to vote for these bills, then they will pass. So, call them and tell them thank you and to keep up their opposition!

Resources to read before calling


Returning the ghost of Eric Holder to the Justice Department

Election Transparency Initiative tweet about the 2017 letter defending the filibuster

Democrats’ Partisan Power Grab: Vetoing State Voter Laws

Thousands of Anthony Fauci’s emails were released to the public last week, following a FOIA request from BuzzFeed News. And, while to some the emails were shocking, to us and many others, they just confirmed what we had been saying for a long-time: Anthony Fauci is a typical, power-hungry bureaucrat that cannot be trusted.


Read more about the emails here.

Commit to Sign Waving on June 29th & Attending Your Local School Board Meeting in July

We are all much more likely to do something if we make an official commitment to do it – that’s why during election time, campaigns get people to sign up and commit to actually go vote.


Therefore, we are asking you to sign up and commit to sign wave on June 29th and attend your local school board meeting in July. Click through the links below to make your commitments.


Sign Waving on June 29th

In honor of Independence Day, and in order to stand against the divisiveness of the left and ideologies like Critical Race Theory, the sign waving theme is ‘United We Stand.’ The grassroots approved holding the sign waving event before July 4th, so that more people would be able to participate.


I will organize or attend a ‘United We Stand’ sign waving on June 29th


School Board Meeting in July

Whether it’s virtual or in person, and whether or not you have kids who attend the local public schools, it’s crucial that you are involved in the local school board’s meetings. What the schools are teaching kids or making them do (like wear masks all day) affects all of us, even if we don’t have kids, or our kids are grown up, or our kids go to private schools.


We will have a toolkit ready for you before July, so that you have plenty of time to prepare for the meeting. Part of your preparation is doing the research listed in the next action item.


I will attend my local school board’s July meeting

Despite Democrat leaders and the Mainstream Media assuring us that it was not possible that the coronavirus originated in a Wuhan Lab, mounting evidence seems to point to just that…


For over a year, even asking the question of whether it was possible got you labeled a conspiracy theorist and shouted down by those with media megaphones. However, much to their chagrin, some individuals took the question seriously and decided to investigate the idea.


Vanity Fair breaks down what they found.

Get Your Research on Local Government Done This Week

July is National Attend a School Board Meeting Month. August is National Attend a City Government Meeting Month. This week is the time to get all your research done about your local government, so that in July and August (and any other time that arises), you are ready to act.


Please note that the exact names of the government entities will vary from place to place, i.e. it might be called “county council,” or “county commission,” etc. That’s part of your research – what are your local government entities even called? Compile your research in a spreadsheet or document on your computer, or on paper, whichever you prefer. Just make sure it’s easy to access when you need it.


Basic List of Local Government Entities to Research

  • School Board (even if you don’t have kids in the local school district, you pay taxes to support it and have a say)
  • City Council
  • County Council
  • Library Board
  • Board of Elections


Basic Questions to Research

  • How many members are there?
  • Who are the members?
  • What is their contact information?
  • Are they appointed or elected? If appointed, who appoints them and when? If elected, when is their next election?
  • Do they represent districts? If so, what are the districts and is there a map you can access?
  • When do they meet?
  • Can you attend a meeting in person or is it online?
  • Where do they meet if it’s in person? If it’s online, how can you register for the online meeting? Do you need to RSVP ahead of time?
  • Can you comment during a meeting? If so, what are the rules about commenting? How much time will you have? Do you have to sign up ahead of time?
  • Right now, do they require masks to attend the meetings?
  • What’s the process for submitting legislation/ordinances/rules to them?

Anything else you find that you think would be important to know ahead of time!


Finally, begin thinking about what the most concerning, pressing issue is in your local schools. Is it Critical Race Theory/Diversity, Equity, Inclusion programs? Is it mandatory masks? Is it getting kids back into the classroom in person? Is it crazy sex-ed curriculum? If you aren’t sure, ask other parents, or people who have kids in the school system, or look for news stories, or look on social media. If you don’t know, use this time to try and find out. If there isn’t a pressing issue, then you may want to work on getting them to proactively reject Critical Race Theory, etc. Look for more information in the toolkit once it is released.

Important Sign-up Forms

If you haven’t yet signed up for the Eternal Vigilance Project, please sign up this week! There are two levels available. Keeper of the Republic of has fewer commitments than Champion of the Republic, so pick the level that matches your availability, and while even Keeper might be a challenge, I encourage you to try to meet that challenge. Sign up at the links below.



If you’re interested in running for local office, especially if you’d like to run in the 2022 election, now is the time to let us know because you must get trained in 2021!



“Move over, Woodrow Wilson. Take a seat, Barack Obama. Let him through, Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. Based on last week’s $6 trillion budget proposal, Joe Biden has surpassed all of those liberal icons to take a position at the head of the pack as the most extreme radical ever to inhabit the White House. Were Biden to succeed in turning his budget proposal into reality, he would more radically transform the nation than those previous presidents combined.”


Our own Jenny Beth Martin broke down Joe Biden’s radical new budget proposal.

Plan Your Summer Events Now

The grassroots approved the upcoming events listed below, and the sooner you get yours planned, the better your events will be! Please fill out the form letting us know whether you will organize or attend these summer events.