Independence Day or another Whimp out?

policeman and prisoner 4

A new voter or just another criminal removed from society?

Survey this week claims that 90% of British MPs will vote against the proposals to give convicts the right to vote.


British MPs get the chance to debate and vote on a Bill to give convicts the right to vote. This Bill has been forced by the unelected and unaccountable European Court of Injustice sitting in Strasbourg and claiming to have primacy over democratically elected Governments.

A series of polls of MP voting intensions have suggested a very high majority for rejection of the Bill and the latest poll claims that 90% will vote against. Considering that Ministers are supposed to be abstaining to avoid the risk of being seen to vote against a Bill introduced by the Brokeback Coalition, that suggests a unanimous vote by the entire House of Commons against being forced by the Court of Injustice to enact laws against the wishes of the British Electorate.

When it comes to the vote some MPs will whimp out and abstain and traitors will vote in favour. It remains to be seen how many traitors there are in the House of Commons.

BSD believes that this vote is of such significance, those traitors voting in favour should be named and shamed.

The European Court of Injustice was set up in the aftermath of World War Two to ensure that Germans would never again be able to engage in industrial genocide. That was an implausible remit because once Germany reunited it would be able to ignore the Court of Injustice anytime that it wished. Any new Hitler would have no trouble in moving his Panzers back into Strasbourg.

Perhaps recognizing the fragile basis of its remit, the Court of Injustice decided to create its own position above democracy, ironically becoming the new Nazis.

In recent years it has demonstrated a desire to override the wishes of voters across Europe, with a succession of bizarre rulings.

Now is the opportunity for the British Parliament to do what it was elected to do and that is simply to act for the Democratic Electorate.

If MPs talk tough, and then cave in, as they have so many times since the traitor Heath lied to the British people and took them into European slavery, they should be disbanded to save a considerable amount of money.

“Flashman” Cameron and van Clogg are hoping that their amendments to give the vote only to criminals on very short sentences, who will not be in jail long enough to complete the necessary paperwork to vote, is enough to create a Euro Fudge that will allow MPs to support their Bill.

The danger of any form of support is that the Court of Injustice will issue massive fines and force the extension of voting rights to even life prisoners who are serving a long sentence because their crimes are so terrible that even the liberal and weak British Justice system is unable to give them a token sentence and rapid release from jail.

Any surrender is surrender. Independence requires rejection of the Bill and steps for Britain to come out of the undemocratic European Court of Injustice system.

Eurocrats are becoming very nervous because rejection of the undemocratic European Court of Injustice could be the first step on the British path to Independence.



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