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In the week since the historic Independence Vote, the political Establishment has demonstrated why it is totally unsuited to running a country. With the exception of a handful of honourable MPs, the LibLabConScotsNazi Party has totally failed to understand the will of the people, or anything beyond their own venial vested interests. It has been a graphic illustration of just how far the corrupt European Commission has corrupted British life. As the campaigns proceeded, more and more voters came to realize just how shabbily they had been treated over the years by the EU. In opinion polling after the vote, this percentage of voters enthusiastically supporting BREXIT has grown to more than 80% – an incredible result that shows how voters have woken up and are demanding a vastly better deal from politicians.

When any sewage system has been misused for years, the first priority has to be flushing the pipes. Before EU membership, Great Britain functioned surprisingly well even under the politicians who saw their primary role as one of managing the decline of a once Great nation. However, closer inspection shows just how badly a succession of politicians were betraying their nation.

The post-war Atlee/Bevan Government initially saw their priority of making Stalin their best friend. They showered the Soviet Union with advanced military technology and the United Nations army in Korea were deeply shocked by the Mig 15 fighter that married German swept wing technology with the British jet engine so generously provided by the Atlee/Bevan administration. Had Stalin not tried to push his luck with the siege of West Berlin, the Atlee/Bevan administration would probably have continued to donate advanced military technology to the Soviet Union, including the British Atom Bomb.

Even the much vaunted introduction of the NHS under the Atlee/Bevan administration was deeply flawed and much of its current problems date right back to its creation, when Bevin boasted of having “stuffed the doctors mouths with gold”. It was a sprawling nationalized industry that offers very poor value for money and yet still demands more and more funding. It has always contained centers of excellence, but wasted huge sums of taxpayers’ money, becoming one of the most expensive ‘Free’ services on the Planet. It was perhaps the first example of a government understanding the price of everything but the value of nothing.

Winston Churchill led the Conservative Government that was needed to sweep up the mess left by the Atlee/Bevan administration. Unfortunately, Churchill was in poor health and a shadow of the great war leader who had brought Great Britain through WWII, for a period standing alone against the European Union ambitions of Adolf Hitler.

Churchill was followed by Conservative leaders who were finding difficulty in adapting to the new world and the Cold War. Eden was Prime Minister when Britain and France needed to stand against the seizure of the Suez Canal. They found out the hard way that the US was determined to become the most powerful superpower and happy to involve itself in foreign affairs that it was still poorly equipped to become involved in. Britain and France were humiliated and forced to withdraw their forces from Egypt under US threats. The Obama administration has demonstrated that the US can still create an administration that is hopelessly incompetent.

This period of managed decline was followed by the Wilson/Heath era which turned Britain into an economic basket case and European joke. The Wilson administration sandwiched the Heath Tory administration and demonstrated that Labour and the Tories were interchangeable, neither having a clue how to run a country. In desperation, Wilson went cap in hand to the US and pleaded for Britain to become a new US State. The Americans took one look at the mess that Britain was in and quickly said no thank you. Heath turned to the European Community and pleaded for its Members to take over running Britain. They were happy to accept and humiliate Britain. At that point the British politicians were able to sit back, take the salaries and expenses for doing very little, and let the European Commission gradually take over running Britain.

There was the brief Thatcher era when she turned around basket case Britain but failed to significantly take back control from Brussels. She fell in one of the routine Tory coups and was replaced by one of the worst Prime Ministers in British history. Major was in turn replaced by the Blair administration that may be seen as a strong contender for the most damaging British Government. Blair did a great deal of active damage to Britain in his quest for personal wealth and is still evading trial for war crimes. Labour civil war saw Brown replace Blair and prove to everyone’s amazement that things could only get worse.

Cameron then crept in and continued in the Blair/Brown theme. Had it not been for the Independence Victory last week, we would have begun the process of the partition of Britain and the absorption of the bits into a number of new German controlled Landes.

The major problem is that the European Union has seriously corrupted the Establishment of politicians, Civil Servants and quangos as they adapted to the EU model of anti-democratic unaccountable, over-paid Eurocrats. That waste is blocking the pipes and needs to be flushed out.

What Great Britain now needs is a political dynorod to get good governance flowing again. However, it can be difficult to remember that the first priority is to drain the swamp when you are up to the ass in alligators.

Right now its a Phony War period as Labour and Tories luxuriate in civil wars, a condition they appear to be addicted to. Article 50 should have been invoked and legislation should have started through Parliament to bring Great Britain back under British control and to start the process of growth and prosperity. We should already be starting the negotiations with the growing queue of countries outside the EU who want to sign trade deals with Free Britain, welcoming us back into the world. Negotiating a trade deal with the EU is a much lower priority, not least because the EU may have ceased to exist before a deal can be struck.

All of this could have begun with most objectives being completed by Christmas. Unfortunately, most the Establishment is talking of not invoking Article 50 until after it becomes necessary to obtain 14 other EU Members voting in support.


Not only a very capable business woman, but uncorrupted by the Westminster Village

The one exception is Andrea Leadsom, who is far ahead of any other Tories contending for the Party Leadership in ability, but she is currently only committing to invocation of Article 50 before Christmas. That may be a realistic timetable, because she would have to form a new Cabinet and work out how to function with minimum obstruction from the highly politicised Civil Service, but it shows how much time has already been lost as a result of the indulgent Establishment focus on how to keep snouts in the trough.

Great Britain deserves much, much better than this. The voters showed courage and determination. Now is the time for those who wish to serve the electorate to stand up to the plate and begin rolling back the effects of all the wasted years since a magnificent generation stood up to an early attempt to force a German-led European Union on the World. We should remember those courageous people who gave their today’s for our tomorrows.

What we must recognise is that the world is once more looking to Great Britain for the lead in something that is uniquely British and based on a thousand years of democratic development. We rose to the challenge on June 23rd, we must now rise to the challenge to help build a new international environment of opportunity, prosperity and freedom

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