IndiRef – Confused – Don’t be – #4, Boring the Voter


The professional political class obviously decided that the main approach should be a combination of fear and boredom, hoping to sap the will of voters to cast a vote.

For weeks, the professional politicians in Government, Remain and Vote Leave have ground on about finances, hoping that this would kill any enthusiasm for the Referendum.

In contrast, LEAVE, GO, and UKIP have tried to offer honest views and information and to avoid FUD. What has always made the Westminster Parties and the Eurocrats mad about Nigel Farage is that he has been honest, open, clear and, even more dangerously, correct. He was rubbished by the Westminster elite over his claims that the EU was obsessed with building a federal super state, was going to set up its own Foreign Office, its own Army, its own Tax collectors, etc., etc. In every case he has been proved correct in his claims. LEAVE and GO have also made some very astute observations and offered an honest campaign. There are some encouraging signs that Vote Leave is coming to modify its campaign to follow the LEAVE, Go, and UKIP example and it very important for the BREXIT camps to come together.

The straight truth is that no one has any clear idea what will happen economically if Britain remains in enslavement, or votes to regain sovereignty. Even after months of Cameron and his cronies trying to talk down Britain as an economic force, the Stock Market has shown growth, exports have shown success outside the EU, and voters are becoming better off – and thats under the dead hand of the Eurocrats which slows and stiffles growth.

Those who favour BREXIT can claim, with some justification, that all the indicators show Great Britain as an independent sovereign nation will grow strongly if unshackled from the EU corpse. However, very short term may show some economic nerves and the huge elephant in the room is the impending implosion of the Euro Single Currency. Even the IMF are now admitting that the Euro is in deep trouble and that IMF loans to prop up the Greeks/Euro were illegal under the IMF charter. That suggests that the IMF may not be able to splurge yet more billions on the failing Euro.

If the Euro does implode, it will cause some instability in markets around the world, although Britain would be able to survive better outside the EU because it would have all options open to the Government of the day. Iceland has already demonstrated how independence from the EU can allow a seriously damaged economy to bounce back very rapidly.

The other encouraging indications are that countries are starting to line up ready to negotiate trade deals with an independent Great Britain.

The mixed news is what happens with a domino effect. It is now very clear that the dissatisfaction with the EU amongst Britons is not exclusive, but is growing across EU Member States. This is one factor terrifying the Eurocrats because they can now see that there is likely to be a stampede of Members following a British exit. Needless to say, those leading the charge are the most successful Member States, leaving the Eurocrats with a group of weak Members who cannot survive within the EU without being able to draw money out of Britain and Germany and the other Northern Member States. The other factor terrifying Eurocrats is their own research that suggests Great Britain could become extremely successful if freed from the dead weight of Brussels.

Even so, no one knows what will actually happen and it is, in any event, the least important consideration. The real issue is sovereignty because this ensures that Great Britain would be free to make whatever decisions it wishes in the national interest. It is the only 100% guaranteed consequence.

The Cameron and Remain camps have tried to convince voters that any government they formed would be completely useless and, on the basis of past experience, they are probably right to admit to their inability to run a whelk stall, much less a country. However, the Eurocrats have also demonstrated how criminally incompetent they are. We can see how the EU is a shrinking economic force with fallng exports and a rising tide of very serious problems, of which uncontrolled immigration is the most dangerous.

In a democratic sovereign State, the voters elect a government and they also have the power to replace it. An independent Great Britain would have to follow Brexit with a General Election because the Parties in Westminster are all discredited and totally unsuitable to negotiate the agreements and treaties which an independent State would need to negotiate. We have lost track of this basic fact because the failed Westminster Parties have spent seventy years trying to manage the decline of Britain and, for two decades, have been nothing more than a very expensive rubber stamp for the Eurocrats. An independent Great Britain needs a real national Parliament again.

The encouraging signs come from history, where pre-EU Britain managed to find the leaders it needed in times of urgency and its businessmen managed to open new opportunities and develop the national wealth.

The Fire Project plans to offer some opinions and suggestions to help blow away the FUD. In the end, voters must decide on the day, to try very hard to avoid the propaganda from any source, and attempt to make an informed choice of the greatest importance to Britons now and in the future. Readers can be assured that our opinions and suggestions have been paid for by no political group or by Eurocrats. They are made on the basis of following the development of the EU over many years and by following the huge developments in global trade and communications over the same period. Those developments go a very long way to explaining why the economic growth is all outside the EU and the internal EU economy has been in increasing decline for several years.

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