Introducing Westmonster – Leave.EU

This week sees the launch of Westmonster, a new website that will burst the Westminster bubble by giving the public the big breaking news and essential insights about Brexit as we begin pulling out of the crumbling European Union.


It isn’t just for obsessive followers of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, or even British politics. It will provide digestible coverage of all of the day’s major stories in an engaging, insightful and ever so slightly provocative way. This is a news source for passionate politicos and casual observers alike. We encourage you to pass this email onto friends and family members thrilled by Brexit, but otherwise care little about current affairs.

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And could Westmonster have been launched during a more momentous week? Hardly. This was the week when Theresa May finally broke her vow of silence on Brexit, confirming that Britain would seek to exit the European Single Market and end full membership of the EU Customs Union – in other words, after seven months of dragging her feet, Mrs May has finally decided to pursue what the British people voted for in June.

Her speech on Tuesday contained a lot of tough talk, but her predecessor went to Brussels with a stern look on his face too, and famously, came back with nothing. She’s making all the right noises now, and if she delivers we’ll all be happy, but her speech will not put Brexiteers off their guard. We’ve all worked too hard to see Brexit slip away because the Prime Minister talked a big game.

Yet again, President-elect Donald Trump caused big waves following his revealing interview with The Times. During the course of the conversation he blasted the mad migration policy of German leader Angela Merkel, praised Britain for being smart enough to quit the European Union, and left Tory Michael Gove red-faced by asking, ‘how is our Nigel doing?’

As Trump prepares to take office with a historic inauguration celebration planned in Washington DC, we can all get excited about the prospect of an expansive trade deal between the UK and the US. Mr Trump said it would be ‘good for both sides’. His declaration of intent acts as a signal of this nation’s future as a proud independent trading nation. History repeating itself, and no-one is more pleased about it than us.

In economic news: sterling reacted well to Theresa May’s Brexit speech, enjoying its best day of trading in years and reaching nearly $1.24 against the US dollar; as Britain announced its intention to exit the European Single Market, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier admitted that he would seek special access to the City of London, admitting that we have the leverage in financial services negotiations; President-elect Donald Trump called for a fast trade deal with the UK and a top aide to the incoming US leader said such a deal could be done within six months; the IMF made an embarrassing U-turn, hiking their forecasts for 2017 economic growth after being shown up by 2016’s stunning success; and UK bosses remained optimistic about their business prospects as Britain was crowned the best country in the EU for training and retaining skilled workers.
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