Is This Promotion


Allegedly “Bottler” Brown was once locked in a lavatory until he agreed to stand aside and let “Phony” Blair become leader of the Labour Party. His staff pleaded five times this week with the US Government to grant a photo opportunity with the US President. All the Americans would agree to was a brief encounter in a kitchen at the UN building – still this could be a step up from being locked in a lavatory.

Just to add misery, “Bottler” had only just confirmed his full confidence in political peer Baroness Scotland when her aide resigned in protest at her lack of honour in not herself resigning after being caught employing an illegal immigrant. It then got even worse when the immigrant hired publicist Max Clifford to sell her side of the story to the press,  raising the possibility that Crony Scotland lied about the affair in her version of events.

Never mind “Bottler” you will soon be back in Britain to yet more disasters,

Dan X.

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