Israel Victory Project Shifts from Congress to Knesset




The Middle East Forum, a think tank based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is pleased to share an exciting news update on its Israel Victory Project.   The upcoming launch of the Knesset Israel Victory Caucus, following its sister-caucus in the US Congress, is quickly strengthening the idea of solving the world’s most wearisome conflict by finally establishing Israel Victory.

The Israel-Palestinian conflict has essentially been immovable for nearly a century.   The Palestinian Authority has continuously held to their policy of rejectionism.  While Israel agrees on the need to win acceptance, the question comes down to how: show Palestinians what they can gain from Zionism or break the Palestinians’ will?

The Middle East Forum has offered both the US and Israel a new solution for the impasse: Israel Victory.  The idea centers on the first step of a renewed peace process that establishes Israel Victory at the cost of Palestinian acceptance for Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State.  By shifting concentration from inciting violence against Israelis, the acquiescence will allow Palestinians to instead turn to building their own society, culture and goals for a potential future state.

The Trump administration’s interest in a fresh approach to the conflict has brought the Israel Victory idea to the forefront of both US and Israeli foreign policy discussions.  Already well established in the US, the project has started to gain traction in Israel.  With the launch of the Knesset Israel Victory Caucus in July, a joint US-Israel effort has the chance to re-shape the discourse on the conflict worldwide.

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PHILADELPHIA – June 22, 2017 – The Middle East Forum’s Israel Victory Project has continued to mobilize support for a new approach to Israeli-Palestinian “peace processing” with a series of academic conferences in Israel ahead of the July 10th launch of the Knesset Israel Victory Caucus (KIVC) in Jerusalem.

The Israel Victory Project is centered around the idea that the Israel-Palestinian conflict can only be resolved through Israel’s victory against those who deny its right to exist. Consequently, the United States should end its emphasis on Israel making “painful concessions” and instead put the onus of responsibility on Palestinian leaders to end their calls to incitement and officially recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

In April, the Forum spearheaded the launch in Washington, D.C., of the Congressional Israel Victory Caucus, co-chaired by Rep. Bill Johnson (R-OH) and Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL). The event (see video highlights here) drew the ire of Soros-backed anti-Israel J-Street; provoked an outburst by a Code Pink activist leading to criminal charges; and was covered widely in the media.

Co-chaired by MKs Oded Forer and Yaakov Peri, a former head of Israel’s internal security service, the KIVC includes representatives of the four main parties in Israel’s ruling coalition, as well as a key opposition party. A pre-launch event on July 9th at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem will feature Richard Kemp, former Commander of British forces in Afghanistan, Forum president Daniel Pipes, and former Member of Knesset, Einat Wilf.

“The Knesset Israel Victory Caucus is envisioned to create a conversation in Israel about the necessity of an Israeli victory as a first step towards peace,” said MK Forer.  “An Israeli victory means the defeat of the century-old Palestinian rejectionism of Jewish sovereignty on any inch of the Land of Israel and a recognition of the State of Israel as a Jewish State must be a pre-condition for any future negotiations. This rejectionism must end for any hopeful and peaceful future for our region.”

In the meantime, members of Israel’s defense establishment have been promoting and discussing the Israel victory concept in series of academic conferences. On June 6, the first conference was held at Hebrew University featuring Brigadier General (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser, former director general of the Israel Ministry of Strategic Affairs. The second conference on June 14 featured no less than three retired IDF major generals, led by former IDF deputy chief of staff Uzi Dayan.

“This is the first time both Israeli and American lawmakers have stood together to demand peace through Israel’s bold and unapologetic victory,” said Forum director Gregg Roman. “And the Palestinians themselves would benefit. Recognizing Israel as a permanent Jewish state would free the Palestinians to focus on building their own society.”

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