It “felt like entering right into hell.”





Jennifer Zeng is a woman who escaped from the socialism in China. She spoke at our rally last week, and her heart wrenching testimony about her experience in a Chinese labor camp was a warning to us all.



Here’s the truth of the matter: Ever-increasing numbers of Americans (mostly younger, indoctrinated Americans) support socialism. If we don’t educate them about the realities of socialism before it’s too late, we won’t be able to save our country.


That’s why Tea Party Patriots Action is raising funds to produce a full-length documentary about people, like Jennifer, who have escaped socialist countries.


As you may know, we recently produced a short film about Oskar Arreaza’s experience in Venezuela, and after releasing it, we heard from many legal immigrants to America who also escaped socialist hellholes and want to share their experiences. I need your help to get their stories out to the American people. Please consider a gift of $25 or $50, or even $100 right now, so that we can begin production on this critically important documentary, and have enough funds to get the film in front of as many Americans as possible.


And, please watch Jennifer’s speech from the rally. Jennifer said that “communist” China is actually referred to as “socialism” in Chinese characters – which is something that you and I both have known for a long time – that socialism and communism are made from the same cloth.


Thrown in prison four times and then sent to a labor camp, for simply practicing her religion, Jennifer is warning Americans to reject socialism. She said that walking into the labor camp felt like “entering right into hell.” She was tortured by her own government, but so lucky to have escaped.


Jennifer vowed she would never live under socialism again, and with your help, she – and you, and I, and our kids – will never have to live under an evil system like that, ever.

For America,


Jenny Beth Martin