It’s Not Over Until Brexit’s Delivered


Since the momentous Brexit vote on June 23rd, British politics has been in a state of flux. Theresa May, our new Prime Minister, has moved into No 10 Downing Street. Nigel Farage has resigned and UKIP seems to be in disarray, with their leadership battle descending into a farce after the exclusion of the favourite, Steven Woolfe. The Labour Party is also in the middle of a leadership challenge which could be ruinous – with Jeremy Corbyn being castigated more than ever. Corbyn is criticised by the vast majority of his MPs for not supporting the EU enough, despite Labour’s main issue being the way they are completely out of touch with their core voters, especially in the North, where they voted overwhelmingly for Brexit! It is even more important in these difficult times for Get Britain Out to continue our work, to ensure the Government’s feet are held to the fire on the issue of Brexit.

Last week Theresa May confirmed – in a telephone call to the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte – she would not be triggering Article 50 before the end of the year, and it looks like this may not happen until the end of 2017! This, she said, is to ensure adequate time for both the UK and the remaining EU 27 Member States to properly prepare for the negotiations, helping to ensure a smooth and orderly departure of the UK from the EU. We understand Theresa May’s desire to establish the UK’s negotiation position prior to triggering Article 50, however she must make sure 2016 and 2017 are used to make adequate preparations for life after Brexit, and Get Britain Out would prefer Article 50 to be triggered as soon as possible in early 2017. This would make sure of a successful Brexit by the end of 2019. May must not be tempted by the Europhile Lords and the politicians who are trying to call for the UK to put off triggering Article 50 as a means of trying to keep the UK inside the EU. The Great British Public have spoken – and they have spoken decisively. They want to Get Britain Out of the EU as soon as possible.

A story regarding the Queen and Brexit has recently hit the news again with one of Her Majesty’s key aides moving across to work for Boris Johnson at the Foreign Office. It was revealed in a series of published e-mails that the aide is heavily Eurosceptic. Whilst it does not give a definite reflection of the Queen’s own views on Brexit, the fact one of her closest aides is such a staunch Brexiteer is certainly very telling!

It appears the EU has decided to play hardball recently in relation to the Brexit negotiations. However, two can play at that game! Diplomats are reportedly attempting to get the UK to contribute to the EU’s budget liabilities even after Brexit – paying towards pensions, which totalled €226 billion last year alone. According to them, the UK’s full share of the existing liabilities is €9 billion. They are demanding we continue to pay the costs for 1,730 existing EU fat-cat pensioners, and also agree an arrangement for the future pensions of 1,600 British officials following Brexit. A growing part of the EU pensions bill is for retired MEPs. MEPs don’t have to pay contributions to their pensions, worth €17,247 for each five-year term they serve. If the EU demands we pay this bill, then we should demand our share of the EU’s assets in return, as we have been enormous net contributors to the EU for all these years. They can’t have their cake and eat it!

On Saturday Philip Hammond, the new Chancellor, guaranteed the replacement of current EU-funding for farmers, scientists and other projects until 2020. We welcome this sensible announcement, which will bring assurance to many farmers who were worried about the removal of EU funding following Brexit. This guarantee will give the government time to consult with UK farmers and to prepare a suitable replacement for the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy. This will result in new systems being developed to help our farmers and scientists, so we will look forward to analysing these details in due course. In an article for Huffington Post we discuss what the UK government can do to help British farmers and the policies and schemes needed to ensure British farms are successful. (British Farmers Can Have a Bright Future)

There has been much discussion in the press recently over the future of the City of London, with the Europhile press predicting doom and gloom for the UK’s financial sector. This is simply not true. Brexit is a huge opportunity for the financial sector to escape from EU over-regulation. Whilst there are agreements which need to be secured in Brexit negotiations (most importantly financial passporting), the future looks very bright for the City. (How the City of London can thrive after Brexit)

In an article for Breitbart we discussed the announcement of Sir Julian King’s role as the EU’s new Commissioner for the Security Union. Several commentators have celebrated his appointment as a sign the European Commission is getting serious about Brexit. They point out how King could have been given a derisory role, which some Brussels insiders had previously joked about. This however ignores the reality of King’s new role. Closer examination reveals how this new job is in fact a clear demotion when compared to the financial regulation brief held by his predecessor Lord Hill! We stress that so long as the UK pays membership fees to the European Union, we are entitled to a senior Commission role. (As Long As We Pay The EU, We Must Have Our Say!)

On 23rd June the people of the United Kingdom voted by a majority of over 1 million for control. Control over our laws, control over government spending and control over our borders. All three of these pledges must be delivered if Theresa May wants “Brexit to mean Brexit” – as she has said. In an article for The Commentator we set out positive changes which can be made to the UK’s immigration system. This would ensure a non-discriminatory immigration policy, rather than the overly generous system currently in place for citizens of the EU, at the expense of those who do not come from an EU Member State. (An Immigration Policy to Work for All)

Throughout the year-long EU referendum campaign ‘Project Fear’ took many different forms. The most objectionable scare stories came from large companies based in this country. They threatened economic collapse, higher prices and lower wages – even making their own employees redundant, by down-sizing or moving operations abroad. We have now voted to Leave the EU, and these prophecies of doom and gloom have been revealed for what they are – scare stories, devoid of any evidence whatsoever. On a positive note, the conversion these large multinational companies have had is miraculous. Far from Brexit being a disaster, they now agree with us Brexiteers about Brexit being an opportunity for an outward-facing UK. In this article for Huffington Post we compare what these companies said before the referendum, with what they say now. The irony is unparalleled! (The Agents of Project Fear Finally Come to their Senses)

Professor Tim Congdon CBE – runner up to Nigel Farage in UKIP’s 2010 leadership race – shares his thoughts on the Leave vote and the different post-Brexit models available to the UK: the single market option and the free trade option. Professor Congdon argues in favour of the free trade option, as it will enable the UK to recover full control over its borders and remove costly EU regulations. (Prof. Tim Congdon CBE: A great result, but it’s too early to celebrate)

One of our recent articles has been on how Brexit can lead to a true national revival. For too long our political establishment has believed in managed decline within the European project. Now we are on the verge of escaping from the EU, managed decline can finally end. The politicians will no longer be able to hide behind the EU as the cause of our decline, when it is their choices which have led us this way. We can stop being ‘Little Europeans’ and return to being a global trading nation and a truly Great Britain. (Brexit can end managed decline, forge new global Britain)

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Jayne Adye, Director and the Team at Get Britain Out

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