it’s their priorities, or yours…


The Three Dummies Priorities – big expenses (for them), big government



Your priorities – Backing Britain


…and we’re off!

Today, David Cameron brought these last lost five years to a close. UKIP supporters will know that despite that rose garden moment, claiming that they were coming “together in the national interest” to clear Britain’s deficit…

The deficit is STILL running at £90 BILLION per year;
This government has more than DOUBLED the national debt;
Net migration is more than TRIPLE what the Conservative Party promised.


This government’s priorities: foreign aid, same-sex marriage, an AV referendum and a Scottish referendum simply haven’t reflected what the people of this country think of as governmental priorities…


That’s why today, UKIP is launching our PLEDGE CARD WITH BRITAIN.

It sets out our priorities for the next five years: policies for real people, not the few.

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These include:

Saying NO to the EU;
Controlling our borders;
Pumping £3bn a year into our NHS without borrowing more money;
Cutting foreign aid spending;
Ending tax on the minimum wage.

If you VOTE UKIP, and get your friends to VOTE UKIP, and your family to VOTE UKIP, then we can have enough MPs in the next parliament to hold the next government to account, and whip them into shape.

Only UKIP can guarantee the voices of men and women up and down this country are heard loud and clear.

Share our pledge card on Twitter, on Facebook, and tell your friends.

On May 7th, vote UKIP, and get UKIP.

Thank you,

Nigel Farage
Leader of the UK Independence Party

P.S. You can still grab a copy of my new book in UKIP’s online store, here.

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