IWA Steps in to Save Woolsthorpe Top Lock


The Inland Waterways Association (IWA) has stepped in with a £175,000 funding plan to save Woolsthorpe Top Lock on the Grantham Canal from closure, following the partial collapse of the offside wall to the lock last year. British Waterways had decided that they could not afford to rebuild the wall and proposed that the lock would be filled in.


John Baylis, East Midlands Region Chairman of the IWA made the rescue proposal to British Waterways, for IWA to fund the rebuilding of the damaged wall of Woolsthorpe Top Lock utilising a legacy given to IWA from the estate of Mr. Fredrick Charles Woodman.



IWA had to offer further guarantees that sufficient money was available to complete the rebuilding, which meant that an additional joint campaign between the Grantham Canal Society and IWA was necessary to raise additional funds. Additional grants were obtained from Lincolnshire County Council through the Lincolnshire Waterways Partnership and the East Midlands Development Agency.


IWA, through its Honorary Consultant Engineer Roy Sutton, also undertook to produce extensive drawings and calculations to demonstrate how the work could be done.






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