Jacob Rees-Mogg, Sunday 10am on LBC

Leave.EU encourages you to tune into Jacob Rees-Mogg on LBC this Sunday, filling in for Nigel Farage, who is taking a well-deserved break.


The Tory rebel has been more relentless than ever since the New Year in holding the government’s failing Brexit strategy to account, whether it be in the Commons, over traditional media or his own podcast.

He has previously appeared as a guest call-in host on LBC (click here to watch). As Parliament reconvenes in the run-up to the withdrawal agreement being finalised there could scarcely be a better week to witness such a well-informed patriot swatting away the naysayers and encouraging the Leavers.

Last week’s Leave.EU newsletter laid out how dangerously close Britain is to remaining in the customs union. Theresa May’s only option now is to detach from talks with the EU and prepare for the WTO. Instead, she is bringing us under ever-tighter EU control.

By contrast, Rees-Mogg’s defence of a no-deal and taking the WTO option offers a bright hope in an otherwise darkening situation. At the beginning of this month, he came top in a poll for the next Tory leader and remains the bookies’ favourite. With Labour sliding, there is still hope this true conservative can claim the top job and steer Britain away from disaster.

So tune into LBC (97.3FM DAB) at 10am on Sunday, or alternatively listen online. If you don’t already, we encourage you to follow him on Twitter or email him to give your support (jacob.reesmogg.mp@parliament.uk).

Leave.EU is also excited to announce the launch of Westmonster’s new website. Along with the usual feed of stories the establishment don’t want you to know about, they’ll be delivering more interviews and more live stream Q&As – every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm. Don’t miss them.

Like Leave.EU, Westmonster is dependent upon donations from grassroots supporters. The new website has a donations facility and we encourage you to consider a pledge of whatever you can afford.

In economic news this week: a new set of services data showed the UK enjoying yet another post-Brexit economic boost, defying the doom-mongering predictions of Remainer pundits, while Citigroup and Sumitomo Mitsui Bank announced further commitment to Brexit Britain. BP CEO Bob Dudley quashed pessimistic claims about Brexit while Australia’s High Commissioner revelled in the possibility of a future trade pact with the UK while warning Brits that we have nothing to fear from competition – of course not, just this week our food and drink exports were shown to have hit a record value of £22bn!

Kind regards,
The Leave.EU Team