Jeb Bush is cashing in on family ties.


Here’s a quick recap of the major political events of the past week:

Jeb is his “own man.” Except when daddy and big brother are raising big bucks for him.
Remember when Jeb Bush assured everyone that he was his “own man” and would be distinctly different from his father, George H.W. Bush, and his brother, George W. Bush? Well, that was then. This is now. Jeb needs his father’s and brother’s political connections for fundraising, and the three are holding fundraisers together across the country. The fundraising line-up includes events where couples are asked to donate $100,000.00. If that price sounds steep for dinner for two people, don’t worry. The price also includes a photo opportunity.

Hillary Clinton jokes about her email scandal … because nothing is funnier than breaching security and then insisting you’ve done nothing wrong.
In a speech earlier this week, Hillary Clinton joked with reporters about her email scandal and waved off concerns about her lack of transparency and breaches of protocol at the State Department, where she exclusively used a private email account. Apparently the former Secretary of State finds her non-compliance with the rules funny, despite the questions cyber-security analysts have raised about her email correspondences. She cracked numerous jokes and even told reporters they could find a non-disclosure agreement taped to the bottoms of their chairs. Read the full story here:
Cruz is in. And so are the donations.
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has formally announced that he is running for President. Within just slightly more than 24 hours of his announcement, the Senator received over $1 million – and two-thirds of the donations were under $100, which means those donors have plenty of room left to give. The full article is available here:

Harry Reid is calling it quits.
The past six months have been brutal for Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. In November his party suffered a major defeat during the elections, losing a net total of eight Senate seats. Then, earlier in January, the Senator fell off a piece of exercise equipment, breaking several bones. He then sued the exercise equipment company and lost that legal battle. The 75-year old Senator announced on Friday that he is going to retire next year. He said he made the decision, in part, because of his accident and because he wants the Democrats to regain control of the Senate, and thinks his race would soak up too much of the Democrats’ national funds. For more on that story:–election.html

We want to hear from you! Below are this week’s poll questions. Please know that your responses will be kept confidential.

What are your thoughts about Aaron Schock’s scandals?
41.3% Republicans are often just as irresponsible with taxpayer funds as the Democrats are.
17% He should have resigned weeks ago.
18.2% Why does anyone in Congress need to spend $40,000 for interior decorating?
3.2% All of the above.
20.3% Other thoughts?

Who would you like to see as the Democratic nominee for President?
20.1% Hillary Clinton. Her scandals will almost guarantee a Republican victory in 2016.
34% Joe Biden. For the comedic relief he’ll provide throughout the election.
5.3% Elizabeth Warren
7.8% Al Gore. See explanation above for Biden.
32.8% Others?

That’s all for this week. Keep fighting for freedom!

Jenny Beth Martin

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