Jenny Beth Martin on Fox News, unconstitutional ‘Red Flag Laws,’ things that drive us crazy, and more

Earlier this week, Bernie Sanders revealed his broad criminal justice reform plan to cut the prison population in half. How? With a long list of impossible and socialistic promises ranging from ending maximum sentencing to ending minors charged as adults, even if they committed murder. Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin appeared on Fox News to discuss Bernie’s new plan that would lead to a state of lawlessness.




Also, under his criminal justice reform plan, Bernie wants to:

  • Pass a federal $15 minimum wage;
  • Guarantee federal jobs to all;
  • Enact federal paid family leave;
  • Ensure financial services go through the Post Office; and
  • Guarantee housing for released felons on the taxpayer dime.


His plan is expensive and will be ineffective in stopping crime and rehabilitating criminals. There is a lot we can do as far as criminal justice reform goes, but socialism is never the solution.

Several lawmakers are pushing to implement gun control measures, including so-called “red flag laws.” Red flag laws would allow someone to petition a court to take licensed firearms away from individuals, even if they have not committed or threatened to commit a crime. A friend, family member, or even someone who doesn’t like your politics can erode your Second Amendment rights before you can even have your day in court.


These laws open the door for abuse, are unconstitutional, violate due process, are ineffectual, and they may make things worse by scaring people away from seeking mental health treatment out of fear that they may lose their 2nd Amendment rights.


Don’t let lawmakers vote away your gun rights! Urge members of Congress to say NO to red flag laws and any other gun control measures that deprive innocent people of their rights.

Last week, President Trump released a public charge rule that will prevent non-citizens from abusing benefits funded by American taxpayers. This rule will effectively urge immigrants to be self-sufficient and will lift the financial burden off the backs of hard-working Americans. Kudos to President Trump for protecting taxpayers by ensuring non-citizens must be self-sufficient.

Bernie Sanders and many other self-identified socialists in the Democrat party want to implement big-government policies that limit freedom, burden taxpayers, and lead America into economic ruin. We CAN’T let that happen! It’s time for us to STOP the rise of socialism and CHOOSE the path of FREEDOM!


Join patriots from around the country at our Stop Socialism Choose Freedom Rally in Washington, D.C. on September 19th!


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You know what drives us crazy? Big government, government corruption, and government immorality are turning West Coast states into slum states. These big government officials are trying to be the central planners for cities, which is worsening the homeless crisis in cities like Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Bureaucrats in these cities have allowed for homelessness and crime to thrive. They have spent hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars each year “to address the crisis” that continues to rise. Residents have completely lost faith in the elected officials who waste their money and ruin their cities. Some residents are demanding city officials to do something while others are fleeing to other cities. This is just more proof that we should not continue to let these socialist policies permeate to the federal level!

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Weekly Report from Washington

One week ago today, the Trump Administration released the final version of a rule that will make it easier for the government to ensure that immigrants seeking to enter and stay in the United States, either temporarily or permanently, are self-sufficient and don’t depend on the government for social welfare programs like food stamps, housing assistance, and Medicaid….

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