Join the Tories to back a real Brexit leader

Britain stands at a crossroads.

Either we follow Theresa May and end up with “Brexit In Name Only”, which is going to poison and weaken our country for a generation.

Or we take control of the situation ourselves and stick two fingers up at the anti-democrats who want us to be controlled by Brussels forever.

Our political analysis is that the Labour Party will split to form a new centre party that will emerge with the People’s Vote and compete on the left with the Liberal Democrats and Labour.

Corbyn cannot be replaced as the leader of the Labour Party.

There is a once in a generation chance to unite the right that could then decisively win against a split opposition, in the same way that Mrs Thatcher took on the SDP, Labour and the Liberals to win three decisive victories.

In those days, Conservatives believed in family values, hard work, prudence and getting on in life.

We will be carrying out national polling over the next few weeks to launch a national campaign to persuade the Conservative grassroots they need a new Brexit leader that could decisively win again at the ballot box.

It is likely that a Conservative Party leadership contest will be held in the next 3 to 6 months.

Whoever wins it will automatically be our Prime Minister.

After becoming a Conservative Party member, you will be eligible to vote in the final round of that contest.

You will therefore have a hand in choosing our next Prime Minister – and in determining the kind of Brexit that Britain gets.

It is not too late to save Brexit or the country.

You can help to achieve the clean Brexit this country voted for by backing a Brexit candidate in any future leadership election.

But the clock is ticking. Every second counts.

Our plan is to roll out a campaign that connects with local councillors, party chairmen and MPs to change the direction of the party and unite the right.

We want people to join the Conservative Party, attend local meetings, and then push for fundamental change within the party.

Local associations should have power handed back to them including the right to hold primary contests for parliamentary seats and select who they want, rather than have politically correct candidates imposed from the CCHQ candidate sausage factory.

Why does Gavin Barwell come to mind?! Straight out of school, Oxford, CCHQ, Councillor, MP and then Chief of Staff to the PM without ever having had a proper job or any experience!

People who want to be professional politicians make awful MPs and our parliament is packed full of them.

Leave.EU is followed by over a million people on social media, it connects to tens of millions of voters in the UK, and it is the largest grassroots movement of its type in the country.

It is clear that a new party will emerge from the call for a second referendum that will split the left and leave a once in a lifetime opportunity for the Conservative Party.

Watch this spot as we start the “Conservative Grassroots Mutiny” campaign. Anyone wanting to get involved, drop us a line.

There are a few extreme People Vote MPs that need to walk the plank, Anna!

Arron Banks

You can support Leave.EU and our campaigning activity by donating to us. Every donation helps us make your voice heard in the national debate.


* The system of electing the leader of the Conservative Party consists of two stages:
1. Conservative MPs select a choice of two candidates to present to the entire Party membership.
2. Party members then vote on a “one member one vote” basis for their preferred candidate.
Conservative Party membership costs £25 per year. The rules state that in order to vote you must have been a fully paid-up member of the Conservative Party for three months “from the time of call for nominations by the chairman of the 1922 Committee”. The three months runs from the date of your first direct debit, so pay by card.