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The saying goes “just because you are paranoid doesnt mean no one is out to get you”. Conspiracy theorists see conspiracy sometimes where there is conspiracy.

Its a mark of the level of distrust in politicians that conspiracy theorists are suggesting the short-lived Foot and Mouth outbreak in Britain was a stunt to help establish Scottish Prime Minister Gordon Brown as an action man who saved the day. Although the Scottish Prime Minister appears to have had little, if anything, to do with the containment and clean up, he was painted as doing it all himself in his holiday time.

Information thus far released raises more questions than are answered.

The Blair Brown regime started desperately spinning in an attempt to blame the commercial lab, diverting attention from the Government lab on the same site.

The current theory appears to be that virus escaped into the commercial lab’s drainage system that takes liquid waste to the Government lab which is responsible for treating it and removing any harmful contaminents.

For an escape to have taken place suggests a failure of bio-security that should have been picked up by Government inspectors.

If the ultimate point of escape proves to be from the Government lab, that will be a further security failure that should have been identified.

If the virus ultimately escaped because of defective pipes, and was then washed away by flood water, that is a further lapse that inspection should have prevented.

Even so, it seems unlikely that a virus escape aided by flooding would have only affected a single farm, and sometime after the escape when the virus would have been expected to perish.

Conspiracy theorists are starting to suggest that a very small quantity of virus was obtained from the Government lab and deliberately used to infect the cattle.

Given the many conflicting leaks of information, the already strong case becomes overwhelming for a full and open public enquiry to establish exactly what did happen.

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